In regards to a "Caucasians" t-shirt that parodies the Cleveland Indians, "And zero people offended. Take a lesson every other race." [+108] (


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  • blueorpheus
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  • 07:12:47, 30 July

The people comparing it to the Minnesota Vikings are especially missing the point

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  • reddit_smells
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  • 07:02:28, 30 July

Somebody needs to make a reddit team logo, possible names:

  • the reddit racists
  • the reddit pedophiles
  • the reddit ebloobipoopiphiles
  • the reddit misogynists
  • the reddit creepsters

and see how quickly they take offence.

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  • ForzaEc
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  • 09:41:42, 30 July

Why do I let myself browse srs before bed? This shit just keeps me awake.

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  • UnevenElefant5
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  • 06:38:41, 30 July

That comment and pretty much all of the thread is just privilege incarnate. It was mind-boggling to see everyone just on the cusp of a realization, and then just have it fly over their heads.

It's almost comical to be honest.

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  • SRScreenshot
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  • 06:05:50, 30 July

In regards to a "Caucasians" t-shirt that parodies the Cleveland Indians, "And zero people offended. Take a lesson every other race." [+108]

At 2014-07-30 03:17:49 UTC, /u/ComedyDeathRay replied to "“Caucasians” t-shirts are hot sellers on Canadian Indian reservations" [+116 points: +116, -0]:

> And zero people offended. Take a lesson every other race.


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  • squiral-
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  • 08:59:32, 30 July

Wow, I think this one wins as the most simultaneously ignorant and self-righteous comment I've seen this week.

Seriously, it astounds me that people can be this wilfully ignorant about historical context. Any reasonable person with the faintest grasp on history and knowledge on how Native Americans are still treated would know that any derogatory 'slur' aimed towards white people can't possibly be considered equivalent to other racial slurs and replicate the impact they had/have on minorities.

I mean 'caucasians' is literally a word white people started using because they found 'white people' too harsh; it's the complete fucking opposite to a slur, it's laughable. You're not offended? well of course you fucking aren't. That does not put you on a moral high ground you moldy turd.

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  • bmw940
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  • 12:09:08, 30 July

No but don't you see, we've all had historical hardships so therefore racism is illogical

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  • robertbieber
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  • 06:42:04, 30 July

This is the reason I really think stuff like this, while well intentioned, is ultimately counterproductive. You can't truly offend white people. There's just no hurtful historical context you can leverage to do it with. So when you show us stuff like this thinking "now they'll see how it hurts when they're on the other end," ignorant white people just laugh at it and say "see, why can't you be less self conscious like us?"

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  • hihoberiberi
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  • 07:29:41, 30 July

i usually interpret this sort of stuff as an injoke (or sometimes maybe a conversations starter) more than an outward criticism. i dont think anyone has any illusions that this tshirt will show the white man the error of his ways.