I [27m] found a letter my gf [25] wrote to her old male friend...not sure if it's appropriate. (self.relationships)


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Back story. We've been together for 2 years now, and seeing as it's the 4th of July, we decided to do some cleaning around the house.

I was arranging the bookshelf when I found a letter that hadn't been mailed off yet. Just began casually reading it when I realized it was a letter that she was writing to her male friend. A little history between the two of them: they never dated, but they had some sort of a crush a few years back, that never led to anything. They have this penpal thing where they like to write letters to each other, which I had no problem with. This letter, however, was a bit...off.

First off, it refers him by his pet name. They call each other "Prince" and "Princess." I'm not sure if this is appropriate. She states in the letter, "I'm glad to know I'll always be your princess. You'll always be prince to me."

Secondly, it states along the lines of, "My boyfriend makes me happy, but he's not like you and me. Remember how you read (some book) and you were telling me how much it touched your heart? He read it and it didn't seem to really affect him as much as it affected you and me."

The second part, I'm not too bothered by it, but I'm wondering if this is a sign of something that's to come.

I pointed out the letter to her, and she said, "Is it ok? We've been calling each other that for a long time." Not wanting to really delve into it, I just said, "Yeah, it's fine," and she mailed it off.

Now I'm wondering if I even have any right to be...upset about it? We used to have a very strong relationship, but due to her recent health issues, we haven't had sex or have had any time doing anything enjoyable for a while, so perhaps being in the dumps makes this worse than it is?

I'm not sure, just looking for some answers, I guess.

TL;DR - gf wrote a letter; she calls him by his pet name, and then compares me and him.

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  • destroythenimprove
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  • 19:38:06, 4 July

Are you fucking retarded?

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  • Captain_Corelli
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  • 19:40:45, 4 July

It'd make me uncomfortable, and I'm sure it makes you feel like you're playing second fiddle.

> Not wanting to really delve into it, I just said, "Yeah, it's fine," and she mailed it off.

You shouldn't of done this, if you weren't bothered by it you wouldn't be here asking. Be honest with her.

Yes you can be bothered or upset by something. I think you have a few issues here that need to be dealt with. Maybe the dumps intensifies the feeling. But I wouldn't be to happy with my SO saying that sort of stuff to someone. Communication will get you through any rough patch. Well, in your case it will.

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  • amioverreactinghere1
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  • 19:43:28, 4 July

I brushed it off, because at the time, we were cleaning, and I didn't really think too much into it. It was later when I sat down and thought about it, realized what was going on.

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  • 19:44:59, 4 July

I would be very very very very surprised if she isnt cheating on you already right now...

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  • 19:41:00, 4 July

If your "girlfriend" isn't already sucking his dick on the daily then she will be doing so in the short future. I'd happily bet all my savings on that.

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  • Nevare88
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  • 19:45:02, 4 July

Sit down and talk to her about it. Express your fears and worries and make sure she knows exactly how you feel. You'll then be reassured or better prepared for an amicable break up.

Good luck pal, I'm rooting for ya!