Why is there men's rights and women's rights? (self.againstmensrights)


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Surely if you call yourself men's rights, or women's rights then that implies one sex's superiority over the other, why not be for gender equality because biasing yourself towards one sex or the other will surely rile up feelings from the other gender, or is that what these kind of groups want to do? Or am I missing a point here?

EDIT: perhaps I am joining this from the wrong point of view (I don't know why this is being dowvoted). I am neither pro nor anti-men's-rights, I am merely asking a question about the need for rights groups for either sex. If you downvote my post then that indicates you want me to remain in ignorance by detracting interest from it. I don't see why, I am for total equality, I am merely inquiring as to why separate interest groups are required to attain equality.

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Civilization, when defined as people living in cities (communities too large for their land boundaries to support), requires the use of violence for self-maintenance. Violence must be used to maintain a division of labor, for undesirable work, and to extract resources from other locations. Communities at other locations do not often voluntarily give up their resources, so it must be violently taken from them.

That said, humans are not naturally inclined to commit violence. So in order to achieve this, a different psychology is needed. Instead of a transhumanist rationalization, civilized humans created gender, which separated by masculine and feminine. Masculine because the strong, the emotionally numb, the "my way or the highway," and of course, the notion that a man will take what he needs by whatever means necessary.

Violence is the glue that keeps everything in society going. Without violence, we cannot enforce property rights, laws, and paying for rent and food. We cannot extract minerals and water and soil from other locations without violence. If we were to eliminate the violence from our subconscious over time, we would have no idea how to produce and maintain technology without destroying the planet, and the system would fall apart.

Women can win battles here and there, but they will never win the war unless they are willing to take radical measures and eliminate the system that inherently perpetuates patriarchy: civilization.