Recently missing Brown University student Sunil Tripathi and Suspect #2 share similar hair, ear structure, brow structure, and face shape. (


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  • 08:18:59, 19 April

My hunch was right, and you were wrong. There was no witch-hunt being started, just a bunch of very telling coincidences.

now, admit your stupid wrongness, you stupid wrong-y.

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  • during
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  • 08:46:03, 19 April

So, OP, by the way you're acting in this thread, is /u/xxNEWNEOxx your account, or are you just being an immense asshole and claiming this for yourself?

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  • 08:48:51, 19 April

All the evidence I found and posted, all the reasoning, was based off research I personally did after finding that one photo. I owe it all to xxNEWNEOxx! I tried to tell people about it logically and calmly, they erupted at me. I get to be an immense asshole right now.

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  • mickey_kneecaps
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  • 08:23:02, 19 April

Your speculation didn't help anybody. The suspects photograph was enough without people like you releasing personal information about him and his family on social media. There was no time for a witch hunt, but if you had misidentified him there may well have been.

You are a disgusting person. Nothing that you did today was anything other than wrong.

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  • 08:26:44, 19 April

Someone is ^butt^hurt

I released no personal information about his family. There was no witch hunt, there was no risk of one, and nothing I did today was anything other than potentially helpful. You are wrong and need to just admit to it before that butthurt turns into severe hemorrhoids.

you are a dumb person. ha ha! dumby! dumby dumby!

stupid head! stupid head! I was right! you were wrong! nyah nyah!

le me literally rotflol

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  • znat
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  • 08:29:45, 19 April

No need to be a cock about identifying a murderer. Good job, but you sound like a fucking 5 year old right now.

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  • 08:46:20, 19 April

That's glee from proving 50 idiots wrong at once. One day I hope you can feel it. It is power beyond anything else.