"You are a former Empire which has shrunk down to a area a little larger than Oregon, with a population & economy closer to California than either Germany or Japan. One who only keeps their UNSC seat because of tradition rather than practicality. " - AMERICA BIIIIGGG, YOU SMALLLL!!!! (reddit.com)


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The rules do prohibit brigading, but we can't see who is doing the voting.

The admins can though and they regularly shadow-ban the people who do it- and all power to them for doing so.

I don't think it's this sub's regulars who are brigading though, it seems to have got a lot worse recently than it used to be and I suspect another sub is behind it in an effort to get us closed down.

Anyway, the admins will be looking into that in the near future, and if it turns out that our suspicions are correct, then that sub will be shut down with any luck.