"You are a former Empire which has shrunk down to a area a little larger than Oregon, with a population & economy closer to California than either Germany or Japan. One who only keeps their UNSC seat because of tradition rather than practicality. " - AMERICA BIIIIGGG, YOU SMALLLL!!!! (reddit.com)


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No, I mean brigading of THIS sub..

The comment he made hasn't been brigaded.

e.g. look at chive's comment score right now at the top of this thread.

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Oh I'm sorry for the confusion. :(

Though I'm also sorry, because, it was brigaded. And I kinda feel responsible since I linked it. I mean...look at the comment chain....

>First Comment (YadilohTruc): Score of 2
Second Comment (steffan220): Score of -2
Third Comment (YadilohTruc): Score of 2
Fourth Comment (steffan220): Score of -4

-----------------LINKED COMMENT-------------

>Fifth Comment (YadilohTruc): Score of -25
Six Comment (steffan220): Score of 20

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