TIL Felix Landau, of the Nazi Einsatzgruppen (death squads), once shot and killed the Jewish personal dentist of a fellow officer. That officer, as an act of revenge, killed Landau's 'favorite jew', the artist Bruno Schulz. He later told Landau "You killed my jew - I killed yours." (en.wikipedia.org)


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  • Loki-L
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  • 14:11:27, 30 April

From the diary entry quoted in the article:

>Drohobycz - 12 July 1941... At 6:00 in the morning I was suddenly awoken from a deep sleep. Report for an execution. Fine, so I'll just play executioner and then gravedigger, why not?... Twenty-three had to be shot, amongst them ... two women ... We had to find a suitable spot to shoot and bury them. After a few minutes we found a place. The death candidates assembled with shovels to dig their own graves. Two of them were weeping. The others certainly have incredible courage... Strange, I am completely unmoved. No pity, nothing. That's the way it is and then it's all over... Valuables, watches and money are put into a pile... The two women are lined up at one end of the grave ready to be shot first... As the women walked to the grave they were completely composed. They turned around. Six of us had to shoot them. The job was assigned thus: three at the heart, three at the head. I took the heart. The shots were fired and the brains whizzed through the air. Two in the head is too much. They almost tear it off...

You have to wonder how a human being gets to the point where they would write something like that in their diary...

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  • Dressedw1ngs
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  • 14:48:57, 30 April

Its worse for the people who think the Nazis didn't orchestrate a mass killing of cultural and religious groups.

There's proof right here, and the writer himself said he didn't feel pity, he was completely unmoved.

Weird world we live in.

edit: Holocaust deniers already getting mad...

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  • 15:19:18, 30 April

> Its worse for the people who think the Nazis didn't orchestrate a mass killing of cultural and religious groups.

It doesn't say why they are being executed. Hell the above paragraph doesn't even say they were jews. They may have just been soldiers, spies, or civil terrorists trying to disrupt the war. War is hell after all.

There's a photo of a young girl on fire in vietnam after napalming, I guess that's proof right there that the U.S. was systematically killing all vietnamese.

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  • cryptovariable
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  • 16:26:26, 30 April

That iconic photo of Phan Thi Kim Phuc was taken after a South Vietnamese, not US, pilot accidentally dropped a bomb on the wrong target.

After the war, the communist regime used her for propaganda and she was eventually allowed to study in Cuba where she met her future husband. They went to honeymoon in Moscow and fled the airplane during a refueling stop in Newfoundland in order to request political asylum in Canada.

She is now a global advocate for the victims of war.

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  • iameveryoneelse
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  • 16:13:06, 30 April

RES Tagged as "wears tin-foil hats".

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  • Dressedw1ngs
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  • 15:22:11, 30 April

look up Drohobych Ghetto before you defend anything this guy writes.

Polish soldiers were long surrendered by 1941, and woman weren't in the Polish Army. Spies? possibly but 23 is unlikely. Civil Terrorists? You mean resistance movements? maybe, but I dont think there were many in Poland since the Nazis had an iron grip.

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  • 15:36:05, 30 April

Providing a list of possible explanations wasn't there so you can discount them all. It was to provide alternatives to just "cuz dem jewz" that you want us to believe is the 100% accurate truth.

Oh but sorry, I question your written-in-stone history. So I'm a holocaust revisionist now.

Sorry holocaust denier. That's the word you like to use. Usually followed by anti-semite

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  • throwaway689908
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  • 15:45:36, 30 April

" Well, here's the deal. If it's not sufficiently severe as it is, the niggers will end up rioting and causing more property damage and harm to others than this guy is receiving. So he's being made to suffer so that others don't have to."

The guy likes to be racist and bigoted, don't waste your time arguing with him.

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  • 15:48:43, 30 April

But you know my statement is correct, even if I used a politically incorrect word for the group that would eventually go out rioting. Remember OJ? Remember Trayvon? Every time these guys perceive a slight against them, they run around like apes destroying shit and harming people.

It's better to throw Sterling to the lions, than let the apes get restless.

Hey? How many whites go out and riot whenever 3 black guys rape a white girl? Where's Al Sharpton then?

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  • circleinthesquare
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  • 16:04:52, 30 April

It's not like Martin Luther King lead the most notable campaign of nonviolent resistance in American history or anything, right? Black people are all violent thugs, clearly.

Would you mind explaining why your beliefs are stuck in the 20th century? The reason no one takes you seriously is because society already had this debate. We've all gone over this already.

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  • Bellamoid
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  • 16:13:11, 30 April

Is it at all possible that you are a maniac?

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  • Dressedw1ngs
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  • 15:40:52, 30 April

What are you trying to make a point of? The holocaust happened. And as I previously said, it wasn't only Jews. In the Drohobych Ghetto however, it was a concentration of Jewish population. Thats where the assumption of the people being killed in this diary log were Jewish people.

Saying the holocaust didnt happen just makes you an asshole.


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  • 15:45:01, 30 April

> Its worse for the people who think the Nazis didn't orchestrate a mass killing of cultural and religious groups. > > There's proof right here,

I'm talking about your "proof". It is not proof that they were killing 'cultural and ethnic groups'. It just means they killed 23 people.

It's typical bullshit that people will manipulate some bit of evidence when it clearly doesn't support the conclusion they want to make. Your proof is bullshit. It wouldn't even be proof, it's just anecdotal evidence if it could be considered even that.

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  • Dressedw1ngs
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  • 15:49:44, 30 April

Again, the proof is all there. LOOK. UP. DROHOBYCH. GHETTO.

He names the place in the god damn beginning of his entry. I'm not manipulating shit.

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  • Oracle343gspark
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  • 16:12:57, 30 April

This guy has to be a troll. Don't get worked up over him.

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  • Dressedw1ngs
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  • 16:17:22, 30 April

Seems to be more that he has really flawed views.

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  • gogoluke
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  • 16:08:37, 30 April

Not every view is equally valid. Just because it exists is not justification it should be considered - if there is no evidence just supposition.

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  • LoweJ
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  • 16:34:47, 30 April

sweet jesus, you arent a troll? fucking hell

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  • 16:29:43, 30 April

> Sorry holocaust denier. That's the word you like to use. Usually followed by anti-semite

I think for you, just faggot would suffice.