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When I was a kid, my friends and I always speculated about the future of technology, always commenting how TVs would be so thin that they could be hung on a wall or worn on your wrist. Among these were also evolution of "perpetual" motion toys and the ability to fly using anti-gravity technology.

Some of these we have today, some we do not.


Flat screen TVs and mobile-phone wrist watches do not in any way challenge the status-quo, rather make it stronger by their GPS tracking and other functions which limit if not outright eliminate privacy.

As told by history, after Tesla's death the FBI was contacted by the War Department (now know as the less ominous Department of Defense), his papers were declared to be top secret. If you read up on Patent Law, you may find some interesting information: The U.S. Patent Office has a nine-member committee that screens patents in order to protect "national security". U.S. Code › Title 35 › Part II › Chapter 17 › § 181 35 U.S. Code § 181 - Secrecy of certain inventions and withholding of patent

> Whenever publication or disclosure by the publication of an application or by the grant of a patent on an invention in which the Government has a property interest might, in the opinion of the head of the interested Government agency, be detrimental to the national security, the Commissioner of Patents upon being so notified shall order that the invention be kept secret and shall withhold the publication of the application or the grant of a patent therefor under the conditions set forth hereinafter.

If Tesla's claim about free energy and anti-gravity are true, the consequences to the world economy and world powers would change the world overnight.

These concepts have been proven in hundreds of laboratories all over the world, yet never see the light of day. If the new energy technologies were set free world wide the change would be profound. It would affect everybody, it would be applicable everywhere. These technologies are absolutely the most important thing that have happened in the history of the world.Dr. Brian O’Leary, Former NASA Astronaut and Princeton Physics

> My flying machine will have neither wings nor propellers. You might see it on the ground and you would never guess that it was a flying machine. Yet it will be able to move at will through the air in any direction with perfect safety, at higher speeds than have yet been reached, regardless of weather and oblivious of "holes in the air" or downward currents. It will ascend in such currents if desired. It can remain absolutely stationary in the air, even in a wind, for great length of time. Its lifting power will not depend upon any such delicate devices as the bird has to employ, but upon positive mechanical action." - Nikola Tesla in New York Herald Tribune, Oct. 15, 1911

If you had a flying machine powered by an infinite energy source, it would render international borders useless. No more "no-fly" lists, TSA, groping... basicaly all forms of government control of the masses would collapse. Some of the companies that would take a hit:

  • J P Morgan (banking, energy, railroads, US Steel)
  • Edison & General Electric (oil & energy, railroads, aviation, war industrials, banking)
  • Rockefellers (oil, banking, Nazi connections through IG Farben)
  • Rothschilds (banking, oil & natural resources, connections to Kuhn Loeb & company through Jacob Schiff )
  • Ford motors (motors, war industrials)
  • Brown Brothers Harriman & Co (banking, ship yards, railroads, IG Farben)
  • Du Ponts (chemicals & war industrials, General Motors, IG Farben)
  • Vanderbilts (railroads, ship yards)
  • Boeing Company (aviation)
  • Lockheed (aviation)

Oil & energy, steel and other natural resources, railroads, ship yards, aviation, car industry, spare parts, logistics, banking & finance, military industrial complex are some of the reasons to steal and keep this technology hidden.

But as the saying goes, follow the money.

1870: John D. Rockefeller Founds Standard Oil

Rockefeller founds Standard Oil of Ohio with $1 million in capital, the largest corporation in the country. The new company controls 10% of U.S. petroleum refining.

Source: http://www.pbs.org/wgbh/amex/rockefellers/timeline/index.html

September 1873: Stock Exchange Crashes and Standard Oil Takes Advantage of Economic Downturn

On September 18, the stock market crashed, followed by a six year depression. During this time, Standard Oil absorbs refineries in Pittsburgh, Philadelphia, New York, and Pennsylvania's Oil Region.

1877: Rockefeller controls almost 90% of the oil refined in the United States

1882: Standard Oil Trust is Formed

1890: Congress Passes Sherman Antitrust Act

This is the first Federal statute to limit cartels and monopolies.

1892: JP Morgan Arranges Merger of Edison General Electric and Thomson-Houston Electric Company to Form General Electric (GE)

1896: Henry Ford Assembles First Automobile, Demand for Oil Increases

1901: J.P. Morgan Founds U.S. Steel, the First Billion-Dollar Corporation

U.S. Steel is still one of the worlds largest steel producers.

1902: Nikola Tesla Begins Exploring How to Transmit Electricity Without Power Lines; JP Morgan Refuses Further Funding Nikola Tesla’s Wardenclyffe Tower, initially financed by J.P. Morgan, was designed to transmit electricity without wires. By 1904, J.P. Morgan - who had a monopoly on copper which was used to transmit electricity – refused to provide any more funding.

1908: The U.S. Government Targets Standard Oil in Antitrust Suit

1911: The U.S. Supreme Court Orders Standard Oil to Dissolve. Shootoffs Include ExxonMobil, Chevron, BP, and ConocoPhillips.

Standard Oil is split up into 34 different companies. The Rockefellers still hold stock in these oil companies.

1913: Rockefeller Foundation is Founded. John D. Rockefeller gives the Foundation $100 million in First Year.

1919: American Petroleum Institute (API) is Established

API represents the oil and natural gas industry. Today API Represents More than 400 corporate members including Chevron, ConocoPhillips, ExxonMobil, GE, Halliburton, and Shell.

1940: Rockefeller Family Owns Nearly $400 Million in Stock of the 200 Largest Non-Financial Corporations

Source: "13 Families" Published by Time Magazine, Oct. 28, 1940

1969: API Moves its Headquarters to Washington DC

By 2011 it represents more than 400 corporate members. In 2010, it spent more than $7 million on lobbying.

Source: http://www.opensecrets.org/lobby/clientsum.php?id=D000031493&year=2010

1982: Inventors Adam Trombly and Joseph Kahn receive an international patent for a zero-point energy device

They called it the "Closed Path Homopolar Machine".

1983: Trombly was issued a gag order by the U.S. government to stop development of the "Closed Path Homopolar Machine".

Mid 1980's: Trombly developed another zero-point energy device with David Farnsworth This device was called the “Piezo Ringing Resonance Generator.”

January, 1989: Former Oil Businessman, George H. W. Bush, Becomes President

Before becoming President of the United States, Bush made a fortune in the oil industry. He founded Zapata Oil Corporation and ran the offshore drilling company for years.

June 1989: Trombly’s Free Energy Demonstrations in New York and Washington D.C. Suppressed Inventor Adam Trombly was scheduled to demonstrate a small version of his Piezo Ringing Resonance Generator at the UN in New York. At the last minute Trombly was forced to do his demonstration at a church down the street. Afterwards Trombly gave a speech in Dag Hammarskjöld Auditorium at the United Nations in front of an international audience. A few days later, Trombly was scheduled to demonstrate the same device at the US Senate Banking and Finance Committee in Washington. Only Senator Carl Levin and a "handful" of staff were in attendance because the Senior Bush Administration called hundreds of Senators, Congressional Representatives and their staff members for an "off-the-cuff" discussion of the Clean Air Act at the exact same time as Trombly’s demonstration. The oil administration successfully diverted attention away from the technology in an effort to censor Trombly. Subsequently his lab was raided by the FBI, millions of dollars of equipment was taken and he was threatened and required "for reasons of national security" to cease his research.

1989: MIT & Harvard Grad, Eugene Mallove, Authors the Book, Fire From Ice, Which Details the Success of a Cold-Fusion Device with "Greater than Unity" Output

1994: Infinite Energy Magazine – “The Magazine of New Energy Science and Technology” – is Founded by Eugene Mallove The magazine covers both the theoretical and technological developments in the "new energy" field.

2004: Eugene Mallove is Mysteriously Murdered Outside Childhood Home

1998-2011: Oil & Gas Industry Spends $1,114,552,107 on Lobbying

Source: Open Secrets: http://www.opensecrets.org/lobby/top.php?indexType=i

2006 – A brief summary of the "History of 'New Energy'" Invention Suppression Cases

Source: http://www.rense.com/general72/oinvent.htm

An elite group of people and the corporations they run, have gained control over not just our energy, food supply, education and health care, but over virtually every aspect of our lives. And they do it by controlling the world of finance, not by creating more value, but by actually controlling the source of money. When you follow the money, it will take you to up the levels of a pyramid. We are at the bottom level, going about our daily lives. Above us is government, people who are given a monopoly on force and use it to tax and control us, whether or not we agree. But who controlls them? At the next level are the corporations. Many would say that it is now corporations (a "corporatocracy") and not nation states, that rule the world. To acquire the world's resources and control the markets, this corporatocracy must to have access to cheap money. The big corporations get their loans with special rates from big banks, which means that those who control the major banks, the money elite, ultimately control the corporations which in turn control goverments and finally the people.

Free energy exists and this is being kept secret. That's why I don't have my fucking jetpack. Yet.

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Good post and nicely researched. Don't hold your breath waiting for your Jet pack. The late Nicola Tesla proved there is free energy but his discoveries were quickly suppressed, as you noted by your entry for 1902. All of what you have said comes down to money. Free energy would totally change the balance of control. This control of resources and energy is what wars are being, and have been, fought about since the mid 19th Century.

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I think it goes back even further. I have no doubt in my mind that these technologies were known by ancient civilizations and were used to create their monuments, the pyramids and more recently Coral Castle.

Imagine a free energy generator at home. I could build an electrified perimeter and turrets armed with rail guns. No knock warrant? Fuck you.

Law enforcement would be rendered useless.

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  • 00:56:32, 10 April

Great post. I'm still waiting on my hover board.