Teen killed for cell phone, $10 and a sandwich (14news.com)


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  • 20:13:39, 7 April

That's also false. We have hate crime legislation because greedy lawyers want damages. There's no link between slavery and 99% white people today. In fact, most of the slave owners were upper-class or jewish. Most "hate" crimes are committed by lower-class people ON lower-class people. So to say that a lower-class white person is a slave owner's descendant and should be punished for his great-great grandfather's crimes is the most ridiculous argument I have ever heard and can not be proven at all.

Hate legislation is the same as reparations and affirmative action, all it does is bring in more money for the upper-class and create a lazy, downtrodden black society within the nation. It doesn't help black people at all to be treated differently. They are no better than the native-Americans of Canada who get paid to make babies and only develop the skills for crime and collecting checks.

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  • TheRadicalAntichrist
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TIL white, English descended slave owners were actually Jews and hate crime legislation makes people lazy.

If most slave owners were upper class jews, why do 98% of black people have English names like Harrison, Peters or Washington? Don't try to shift the blame. Since black people were victims of special oppression at white people's hands, black people are entitled to special remedies. White people need to shut the fuck up and deal with it.