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all the guys that are called jerks and douchebags for simply dressing like one. I see comments on reddit daily calling out douchebags for how they look, act, and talk. anti slut shamming is the same exact thing as anti douchebag shaming. women are born from love and men are born from strength. different but complimentary. testosterone and estrogen. after your born you can do whatever the fuck you want to do but the fact is when you come out of the womb you are either a male or female. were different. but we compliment each other. there can be no equality unless one gender collides with another which is what is happening. because equal rights makes equality over all not equality, but feminizing the world may be the way to go if you want advancement in technology. because feminization has an advantage on society. feminization is advancement in society. in my opinion women need sex more than men in a relationship. I don't know where were going though. it's like the conservatives and liberals. liberals want dead babies and more trees because in the north there are a lot of babies and not a lot of trees but In the south there are a lot of trees but not a lot of babies. In my opinion 50% or less of feminism want "equality", and the other percentage either hates men or wants chivalry and 50 shades of gray. and just saying, equal rights isn't equality. if anything it's the exact opposite. I don't think were equal now in society. but when we find our partner whether it be man man, woman woman, or man woman, we will find that equality in each other. that's why boy and girl groups exist. because they haven't found that partner. maybe it's because I'm a conservative that I think like this. I don't know I can't really see any truth in equality. Maybe it's just me. face fucking is becoming the new deepthroat and deepthroating is becoming the new blowjob. were getting pretty kinkier in society and feminist and liberals love it. because sex over powers war in logic. men are war and women are sex at our worst times. but get this. at our greatest times women are love and men are strength. Its a choice, and in my opinion its a choice to happiness for the later moment. I used to think for the moment. I used to think like a liberal. not the liberal that is fake but a different kind of liberal to live for the moment. but then the moment i was living in started to become not happy and then i realized you have to work for happiness

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Paragraphs, please, for the love of god...paragraphs.