Don't just sit around here reading all day. Go forth, and collect accusations of "trolling" and "derailing". (self.MensRights)


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Learn here, then go forth to twitter, instagram, tumbler, facebook, etc. and argue for men and boys. Some of you can (and some can't, for many reasons) go to your families, your workplaces, universities, wherever else you interact with people irl also.take the argument to them.

Enter conversations about rape, domestic violence, human trafficking, and human slavery, and deliberately change the direction of the conversation.

What they'll call Trolling and Derailing

Is an effort to put such a conversation on the proper rails: Evil acts aren't evil because they hurt women and girls. If they're evil, they're evil because they hurt people, and it's the efforts to address them only as they may hurt or inconvenience women and girls that are evil.

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