War is hell. Photos of war in Yugoslavia 1991-1995 (x-post r/Yugoslavia) NSFL (hvylya.org)


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It wasn't 600 years ago, it was perpetual, it was 600 years of continuous oppression, murder and ethnic cleansings. It was 600 years of enforced poverty and decimation of generations by forcing children to concert to Islam and enlisting males in the Ottoman military.

Thee is nothing wrong with Bosnians and Albanians as ethnic groups. The Bosnians are brothers to the Serbs and Croatians. Islam is the problem here, not ethnicity.

Islam just has no place in Europe, especially not southeast Europe and Orthodox lands.

It's time, after 600 years of continual oppression, that we take back what belongs to us.

Kosovo belongs to Serbia, as does Bosnia. It's the same for Ukraine, Estonia, Belarus and others, they all belong to Russia. Most of Turkey belongs to Greece and Armenia.