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  • paraclete7
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  • 00:31:30, 26 March

Maybe Republika Srpska can finally break off of Bosnia and rejoin Serbia.

Vengeful? You realize what the Muslims did to all of our people in eastern and southeast Europe for 500-600 years? And we're supposed to just forget it all ever happened, and let the now ruined churches rot, even though they were there long before the Muslims arrived?

We've been denied the chance to regain our lands for the last 200 years because Europe hates us and our faith, eventually we will get them back and Islam's presence in southeast Europe will be a faded memory, lost to the past. Then, Bosnians and Serbs can truly be one again.

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  • tuberosum
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  • 02:01:34, 26 March

See, its exactly this kind of rhetoric that brought that war to fruition in the first place.

>You realize what the Muslims did to all of our people in eastern and southeast Europe for 500-600?

What exactly did they do? You're talking about the events of the 14th and 15th centuries like they happened yesterday. Hell, if you want to claim that the Ottomans were great oppressors till their very end, they still left the region in the latter part of the 19th century. That means that when Yugoslavia was formed as a country after WWII, there might have been a handful of octogenarians who were born in the last year of Ottoman presence in the Bosnia and Serbia.

Everyone who ever might have ever oppressed your ancestors or your people was long dead before the people who fought in the war in Bosnia were even born.

You're trying to portray the muslims as some bogeyman here, when they're not. Their religion is a scapegoat, something to use to tie them to some supposedly oppressive regime from time of yore to justify a campaign of ethnic cleansing and promote the crazy "greater Serbia" ideology that's all the rage with Serb nationalists.

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  • kensai01
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  • 03:09:25, 26 March

It's exactly that type of thinking that perpetuates wars and genocides like this. Do you realize that if nobody lets go it's inevitable for history to repeat itself. Who cares what happened 600 years ago, who in their right mind holds a grudge for so many generations. Did so many yugoslavians from all nations have to die because Muslims back 600 years ago committed atrocities for the same ignorant reasons?

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  • paraclete7
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  • 04:26:23, 26 March

It wasn't 600 years ago, it was perpetual, it was 600 years of continuous oppression, murder and ethnic cleansings. It was 600 years of enforced poverty and decimation of generations by forcing children to concert to Islam and enlisting males in the Ottoman military.

Thee is nothing wrong with Bosnians and Albanians as ethnic groups. The Bosnians are brothers to the Serbs and Croatians. Islam is the problem here, not ethnicity.

Islam just has no place in Europe, especially not southeast Europe and Orthodox lands.

It's time, after 600 years of continual oppression, that we take back what belongs to us.

Kosovo belongs to Serbia, as does Bosnia. It's the same for Ukraine, Estonia, Belarus and others, they all belong to Russia. Most of Turkey belongs to Greece and Armenia.

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  • Antonomon
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  • 02:34:16, 26 March

>Maybe Republika Srpska can finally break off of Bosnia and rejoin Serbia.

> Then, Bosnians and Serbs can truly be one again.

Translation: We will make all Bosnians "Serbs" by force and erase their history. In short, ethnic cleansing. We've heard this before, many many times.

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  • DieMenschMaschine
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  • 03:06:40, 26 March

Seems like you have it all figured out. So how would one go about making sure that Islam's presence in Southeast Europe becomes a faded memory? What's your big plan?