In 90 minutes the Dota Radio Morning Show will be interviewing Mark, the ex-manager from Speed (assuming he doesn't dodge) (self.DotA2)


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We're back from Columbus and have a lot to cover! Monolith will give his account of the event as the Speed Gaming manager. Ex-manager Mark is on the docket as a guest; hopefully he doesn't dodge!


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  • Le_Coquin
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  • 15:51:43, 27 November

Mark was Speed Gaming's manager. There was already some bad blood between the players and him as he wanted EnternalEnvy and Aui_2000 off the team. He also made the players' contracts public without their permission.

He completely botched his job at MLG. Speed Gaming ended up on a delayed flight, barely slept before their matches and were helped by generous people at the event rather than their own crew. Mark posted worrisome accusations on Speed Gaming's website right before the MLG grand finals in an attempt to distract his players. He got fired shortly after.

For now, he's still using the websites he has posting privileges on to make accusations towards investors, Rattlesnake and Speed Gaming's players. We're not sure what happens to the team yet.

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  • karsa37
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  • 16:22:55, 27 November

Zyori is having EE and/or SingSing on Friday same time. Hopefully there will be some answers to what is happening to the team. They are going to G-league though for sure.