I wrote a song about shitlords, and now I lost my band, and probably my house (mostly ranty). (self.SRSWomen)


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I've been a lurker here for a bit, and honestly, discovering the fempire may have a thing to do with me refraining from quitting reddit.

I don't really know where to start here. Also, I'm kinda drunk because my best gal and I had to sit at the bar and process this shit together.

We, (H and I) started a band with two dudes. Everything was great. The drummer(undercover shitlord), the bassist(H), and the singer (yours truly) live in the same house and the guitarist is a good friend of ours.

Well, H and I wrote a song--- no, just the chorus--- about the increasingly vocal section of white male dudes that see social justice as a menace. There may have been doodles of guys with "anime ron paul" shirts involved. It was a good time.

We called it "Man Tears Keep me Young" and it was very funny and hyperbolic and true and crass and beautiful.

Well, our drummer dude didn't like it. He expressed this at 2:30 am after some post-bar drinking excursion, when H kindly asked him to quiet down so that she could get some sleep before her early morning shift. Yeah, that's a great time for a mantrum. He decided to talk about his grievances at this time. This guy, our drummer and roommate, seemed completely reasonable until this night. He's known us for a year, heard what we have to say about being women in boys clubs. Be it in kitchens, the heavy metal world, or or any other place where a guy talks to us like we're children.

Oh god there's so much I don't know how I can cover it all.

The shitlord drummer was being loud and drunk at 2:30 in the morning and H asked him to quiet down. This has never been an issue before, but this time, instead of S-ingTFU, he layed into her, mostly putting her on blast for our "man hating song".

I shit you not, he said "I don't want to be in a 'lesbionic' band", all because we wrote one song about dealing with patriarchy. Y'know, a thing I deal with all the time? Sorry if my life experience hurts your man feels. Not.

And I was ready to to give a little forgiveness because the shitlord drummer was wasted, but lo and behold! He sent a morning text to H telling her that if she wanted to sleep on her worknights, she needed to find another job or move out.

Yeah, I got this asshat a job that pays well, and H got him this house.

Yeah, this is some surprising shitlord action here. H and I are looking at some nice apartments as I type this.

I can post some more info in folks are interested (like our awsome doodles), but I'm likely to fall asleep very soon.

Edit: I would kick him out, but the house we live in is so shitty its better I find something nicer.

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I'd love to see your awesome doodles.

Also, mantrum is my new favorite word.