[Comic] About As Lucky As Me... (i.imgur.com)


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304 comments submitted at 16:20:45 on Mar 3, 2014 by andrewlay

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  • Rapidfir3Pho3nix
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  • 17:57:48, 3 March

Wow, these comments are terrible. Who cares how she's dressing? The point is that she hasn't found a shiny after all this time and her friend finds a "shiny" marshmallow; it's comical. I could care less about what she's wearing and as far as I know, since she's playing a game then she's relaxing and if she's relaxing she's not gonna be all that dressed up. It's seriously, not that big of a deal.

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  • SimplyQuid
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  • 18:51:29, 3 March

The point is that the comics are really generic and boring, and most of them are pretty cringey. The author is clearly relying on boobs to get pageviews, it's super obvious and the comic content isn't even good enough to justify reading.

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  • SneakNSnore
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  • 18:43:02, 3 March

The thing is, isn't tis the comic that makes a point of having skimpy girls in pretty much every one? I've seen others posted before, and it's pretty obvious that the author cares how she's dressing.

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  • Sureiyaa
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  • 18:58:31, 3 March

And the man is dressed fully clothed and normal-looking.

And it's not just this comic. It's all of them. The way she's dressing here is almost modest when compared to the other comics he's drawn.

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  • SneakNSnore
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  • 19:23:19, 3 March

Exactly. Not that there's any particular problem with it, but denying it is silly XD