/r/worldnews moderator, BipolarBear0, was previously caught in the act of posting anti-semitic content to /r/conspiracy, now openly admits to what he did claiming it was an "experiment". This is in clear violations of reddit's Terms of Service. It's time for him to be banned, accordingly. (reddit.com)


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73 comments submitted at 21:23:35 on Feb 27, 2014 by quantumcipher

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  • Pumbatic
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  • 21:56:59, 27 February

I just called him out on his lies about banning the recent Greenwald article in r/news and got hundreds of upvotes. People know he is a terrible mod, and I think he might actually be influenced by external interests.

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  • quantumcipher
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  • 22:06:08, 27 February

When r/conspiratard was selected "subreddit of the day" he made a self-post in which he more or less admitted he serves the JIDF, a blatant conflict of interest in regards to neutrality & moderating any news-oriented sub.

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  • GayUnicorn6969
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  • 22:36:52, 27 February

>When r/conspiratard was selected "subreddit of the day"

"selected". Guess who is also a mod of subreddit of the day.

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  • jose1990
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  • 22:56:33, 27 February

That was a day after a hoolocaust survivor made and IAMA, and the day next, SRS was subreddit of the day (if I´m correct). It´s all psychological warfare, nothing more

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  • Myopinionschange
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  • 00:08:24, 28 February

what is SRS?

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  • jose1990
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  • 00:14:32, 28 February

Its a subreddit of feminazis that attack /r/MensRights, and post bs in twitter. The leader is a trans called Laurelai. Men are attacked as much as we are from conspiratards