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To preface this story I should say a few things.

1: This Manager has already had a talking to for being extremely sexist toward her male workers (myself included) 2: She also pins any work she might have to do off on everyone else in the store and sits in the managers office talking on her phone. 3: MLP:FiM has just been released and the new toys have just come in. 4: I've only been working in the store for a month and we just remodeled so it's taking longer than normal to learn the layout of the store.

I was an "Electronic Sales Specialist" at a popular overpriced toy store when a man and his son walk up to the Electronic Counter.

Me: Hi! Can I help you find anything today?

Dad: Not sure. Me and my son are looking for looking for the new My Little Pony toys but we couldn't seem to find them. He's taken a liking to the show. (At a whisper) and so have I.

Me: Ah, well we just gt done with a remodel and inventory so the store is still sort of jumbled. Give me one second.

I turn around and look into the Managers Office as its behind the counter and call for the Bitchy Bigot Manager (Hence forth called BBM)

Me: Hey, BBM! Where did the My Little Pony toys get moved too?

BBM: Oh god...Shouldn't you know that!! (Get's up from chair) I swear. (Walks out of office and sees the Man and his Kid) Who's the Pony Toy for?

Me: This Guest and his child.

BBM: What do THEY want pony toys for?

(At this point, I've had it with her attitude. She's made comments like this before and been written up for it. But this time, I take it into my own hands.)

Me: The same reason that Girls want Nerf Guns. You know what? Nevermind. I think me and the Guest can find them on our own. (On Radio) Service, I'm helping a guest. If someone needs the keys, I have them in girls.

BBM: You can't do that!

Me: Oh yes I can. I've had it with your sexist attitude toward Men and in general. Personally, I like the show as they (I gesture to the customers) do and there is no way I'm gonna let you demean them and me.

The BBM looks flabergasted as I walk off toward the back of the store but am stopped by another person who walks up.

Me: I'm sorry sir. I... (I stop as I notice that this is the District Manager)

BBM: AH HA! Now your gonna get it for talking back to me!

DM: Actually no BBM. I wanted to stop him because I wanted to commend him for handling you the way he did. (To Me) Make sure these guests get exactly what they want. (To BBM) I think we need to have a talk in the back office.

I walk off with the Customer and his son and together we find the Pony toys and I help them pick out their favorites (Dad included) and as I get to the front I see the DM standing there. He tells me that the BBM was fired once they got to the back and that the Guest's purchase today is free of charge. He also gave me and the customer a 50$ gift card as he says that his son has also taken a liking to the show and wants to make sure that anyone can get the toys that they want.

TL;DR Manager was a Bitch and got fired for it. I got a Gift Card for standing up to her.

Edit: A Words and Grammer (Further Edits may be made as I'm at work)

Edit: Also I am by no means a mens rights activist. If a woman had come up with her daughter and asked about Power Rangers and my manager did a similar thing. The outcome would have been no different. :)

Edit: Holy Crap! I Front Paged? I appologize for my grammer! I'm just leaving work now so I'll get to it when I get home!

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  • boxjelly
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  • 23:28:33, 13 February

This isn't about men's rights.

Just like feminism isn't about women's right, nor are anti-homophobia and anti-racism about their respective causes.

It's about everybody getting treated like a decent human being, period.

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  • typhonblue
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  • 16:33:37, 14 February

>This isn't about men's rights.

Funny how the existence of men's rights and /mr is most likely why this actually happened.

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  • hextic
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  • 19:30:56, 14 February

No? Not being a shithead like most MRA's is why this actually happened.

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  • AnonTheAnonymous
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  • 20:01:39, 14 February

Most MRA's? Sorry feminist, but this is definitely due to the spread of MRA's. The acknowledgement of sexism against men, which womens studies feminists deny can even exist.

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  • GhostOfTheRobot
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  • 03:39:36, 16 February

Not exactly. If you read the post, this has nothing to do with either mr or feminism. This is about somebody standing against gender norms.

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  • hextic
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  • 23:17:02, 14 February

It can't, because that violates the very definition of sexism. However, those who choose to fit whatever role they so choose if any at all is something feminism embraces.

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  • Kingnothing210
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  • 00:12:40, 15 February

Google sexism and read the first couple links. Sexism is against "anyone" because of their "sex". It does note "especially against women" but in the well as real does happen to men as well. To think otherwise is incorrect and intellectually dishonest / willful ignorance

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  • hextic
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  • 02:51:07, 15 February

Men are NOT a marginalized group, and have no history of oppression by the opposite sex.

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  • Kingnothing210
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  • 06:28:14, 15 February

Maybe not in recent history, but it certainly does happen in modern times. If you have been on reddit long enough, or just pay attention in general, you would know that. Men being accused of being a pedophile for being alone with a younger child (sibling, niece / nephew, cousin, son / daughter) for no other reason than being a man with a younger child. Or the story in this thread of the bigoted manager. Or cases of divorce, custody, and child support.

I am in no way down playing the oppression women have faced in the past. And I believe they are as equal as any other person on the planet, of any nation / religion / gender / sexuality / race. But times have changed, and there are indeed many examples and cases of sexism towards men. That is a fact, and does not go against the definition of "sexism".

1: prejudice or discrimination based on sex; especially : discrimination against women 2: behavior, conditions, or attitudes that foster stereotypes of social roles based on sex

That is the definition. Note that it says "especially against women". That also means that, as per the definition, it can (and does) happen to men.

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  • GhostOfTheRobot
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  • 03:41:25, 16 February

What is a stranger thinking you're a pedophile compared to getting 4/5ths of pay that your male peers get?

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  • hextic
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  • 15:58:35, 15 February

That's what Merriam-Webster says is the definition, but it is a false one just the same. Feminists defined the -isms, and they are our words. For an -ism to exist, there must be a history of oppression which is not counterbalanced by dished out oppression. For example, there cannot be a "reverse sexism" when men still make as much as 20% (ballparked inexact value) more than women do, and then claim that there's no problem there. Not while men still dominate the legislatures, the courts, and the executive.

In that context, no, I will not give you an ism.

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  • Kingnothing210
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  • 17:21:22, 15 February

Im sorry, but feminists dont get to define things however they want. What you, or other feminists think or feel about sexism is irrelevant. That does not change the fact that it DOES happen now, in a few different forms. You cant just choose to ignore that because you dont like it, or believe it to be true. It happens to men in modern times, it sucks, and it should have attention brought to it, just like any other group that is / was treated differently or poorly for any reason other than their actions. Period. Your line of thinking is flawed.

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  • black_rabbit
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  • 00:00:05, 16 February

So by your logic that only men can be sexist then would whites be the only ones who can be racist? It seems that any discrimination depends on who used to be the predominately discriminated against.

What about the discrimination that was shown to Eminem when he was starting ( "he can't rap cuz he is white") or the discrimination shown to men ("he can't be raped he is a man", or "he can't be paid child support he is a man" (in cases where the woman is the primary money maker for whatever reason and there is joint custody or sole custody for the man))

The things listed above are indeed racist and sexist because they involve discrimination based solely on a person's race or gender. Just because it isn't the minority being discriminated does not mean it isn't racist, and just because it isn't happening to a woman does not mean it isn't sexist.

You can lie to yourself however you want to, but it doesn't change reality. Just because something is historically uncommon does not mean that it doesn't apply equally to all people. If you believe otherwise then all that will happen is a trade off of oppression and everyone loses. For things to be equal they must apply to all.

Tldr: you are ignorant and deluded but you won't see it because of your own sexism towards men.

P.s. there are also other reasons for the "pay gap" such as women typically have priorities other than just providing for a family monetarily and so they will take more vacation to spend time with family (which would show in pay if the vacation is unpaid) and they tend to gravitate towards less profitable fields such as nursing and teaching (as opposed to engineering and actually getting a full medical degree or going for surgery) and that shows up on many scales since both surgeons and nurses are in the same field of medicine.

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  • Nerada
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  • 02:29:15, 15 February