Field Report. French Women in the city of Toulouse. (self.TheRedPill)


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Friday night I go out to the bar area of the city, Thursday and friday are the best nights here. Saturday is pretty calm.

Anyway, I go out with my work friend and I see a big group of girls. I go up to them and ask if anyone can speak English they they all point to one girl and she seems pretty bummed out that we are talking with them.

I ask if this is the best place to be and I just want to have a awesome time tonight. She says this is the best place to be and asks some standard questions. " how old are you?, where are you from? how long are you gonna be here? " I mess around a bit with the answers for a little bit just to play around.

They asked me is I wanted to go with them to another bar because I was new to the city I they would show me around a bit. But, then about 7 guys and another girl comes to the group of girls I'm with. I instantly start talking with the guys and finding things in common with them. One guy was a kick boxer and the other ones were in a band. I'm a muay thai boxer and I played the bass in a punk band so it was easy to get along with them. We go out for drinks and dance. Just having a kick ass time pretty much. The bouncer kicked out two of the guys so we switched bar.

When we got to the new bar we once again started to cause hell but, the bouncer didn't kick anyone. Here the boxer dude told be what girls were single and what girls I can't touch and then the band members asked me if I ever french kissed a girl in france. I said no and they said I should make out with one of the girls. So I went to the girl just behind them. I grabbed her and kissed her. After that she was mine, No guy talked to her only her gay and girls friends after that.

During the night I would just push her into walls and make out with her randomly. This went on until about 2 am, where she asked for my number and if we should spend the night.

The only words I said to her where my digits….

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  • bobsmith1111
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  • 22:20:07, 9 October

Ive heard a bit about Toulouse. Dont they have those new speed bullet trains or something? so its only like 1 hr away from Paris?

Ive been thinking of going over there. I heard many ppl cant afford the rent in Paris itself, so heaps of ppl working in Paris are moving to places like Toulouse coz its cheaper. Everyone have fast-speed internet and have laptops or everyone more oldschool, and outdoors more?

Do u know any other places like Toulouse? with fast train network close to Paris, u recommend?

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  • souriez
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  • 03:18:32, 10 October

It's definitely great to have a foreign accent in France. I've heard they like english-speaking accents but it could just be any accent in general.

Also if you don't mind me asking, how did you land a job in Toulouse as a foreigner?

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  • not-claudius
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  • 16:56:33, 9 October

And you didn't have sex, why exactly?

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  • 19:44:03, 9 October