Is there a difference between standing with your hands in your pockets and standing with your thumbs hooked in your pockets? (self.asktrp)


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3 comments submitted at 00:25:53 on Oct 8, 2013 by gamfo2

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  • NathanStrachan
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  • 00:35:58, 8 October

Yes. One is reserved for line dancing cowboys, the other for finding change.

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  • dcslater
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  • 00:41:00, 8 October

Both are poor body language. One is slightly more non-committal but still makes you look like a chump

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  • M3_Drifter
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  • 09:04:01, 8 October

Remember that body language is a sum of the whole and a single gesture taken out of context does not mean much.

Your hands in your pocket means you are trying to hide.

If you have either your thumbs in your pockets or your hands in your pockets with the thumb out, it is a crotch display, wherein you frame or point at your crotch. IOW, it can be a gesture of confidence.