A Warning to all MRAs. (self.MensRights)


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Long story short. My name is Michael Claymore, you don't know who i am, but i'm sure most of you know my associate The Pigman. The Pigman's account has been banned, and this appears to apply to all of reddit, not just the mensrights sub. I see no reason why this should happen other than the Pigman's staunch support for men's rights. You have been warned -- the hammer may very well be about to fall on this entire sub or at least on its more outspoken members. Of course, this may all be due to some personal animus held against the Pigman by someone at the top, but i doubt it.

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  • MichaelClaymore
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  • 13:32:20, 6 September

Update: Pigman sends Reddit Admins delicately worded query...

"Why the fuck have i been banned? You gutless wonders could at least have the good manners to give people a reason for kicking them out. What, did i upset your feminist mates?"

The Pigman has no illusions about the trash that run Reddit. An appeal is pointless and merely increases their satisfaction at having banned him. A good old "Fuck You!" is much more satisfying!

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  • sillymod
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  • 16:29:12, 6 September

Well, I don't really have much sympathy for the situation anymore. I am done here.

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  • MichaelClaymore
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  • 22:56:48, 6 September

Aw, watsamatter, has he pissed off your feminist buddies.

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  • synthrockftw
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  • 14:15:13, 6 September

Man, sounds like a reddit conspiracy man...

Start voicing your opinion, you will be silenced but the reddit's most powerful, the Reddit Admins.

"Oh, you have an opinion that upsets a group of subs with the same hive-mind ideology? Quick, silent death for you..."

TIL If you make SRS-like subs angry, they will hire reddit-CIA assassins to perma-ban your account, silently & swiftly...

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  • EatsTinyBaldBabies
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  • 14:29:49, 6 September

You only learned this today?

They don't have to 'hire' anyone. (at least) One of the mods is an SRS shill.

It reminds me of the old AOL boards, where the mods were supposedly 'neutral', but posting any opinion critical of either the Iraq War or conservatism in general would get you banned.

But let's be honest, Reddit is of limited value to anyone beyond a small clutch of autistic morons who want to nitpick over a handful of issues (like, for some bizarre reason, the fact that some people wear hats they don't like, or get depressed when people they like don't like them back) that, if they attempted to act in the real world the way they act here, would get the ever-loving snot beaten out of them. Because that's often when happens when you decide to unzip your pants and piss all over other people's feelings.

And yet, oddly, their skin is so thin that they can't abide by anyone challenging their delicate little fee-fees.

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  • Arby01
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  • 19:54:43, 6 September

> (at least) One of the admins is an SRS shill.


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  • Facelessx
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  • 05:30:48, 7 September

Lol, most accurate description of Redditors ever.