A Warning to all MRAs. (self.MensRights)


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Long story short. My name is Michael Claymore, you don't know who i am, but i'm sure most of you know my associate The Pigman. The Pigman's account has been banned, and this appears to apply to all of reddit, not just the mensrights sub. I see no reason why this should happen other than the Pigman's staunch support for men's rights. You have been warned -- the hammer may very well be about to fall on this entire sub or at least on its more outspoken members. Of course, this may all be due to some personal animus held against the Pigman by someone at the top, but i doubt it.

112 comments submitted at 09:29:05 on Sep 6, 2013 by MichaelClaymore

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  • TPtherapist
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  • 11:28:34, 6 September

That's sad to hear, but you can always try to create ThePigman2 or something and keep going, because being silenced would mean they have won. But keep going even stronger and their ban will backfire.

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  • MichaelClaymore
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  • 11:36:10, 6 September

The Pigman has his own site. He can express his views there. In a way, it might be a good thing as it means more content for his own blog.

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  • synthrockftw
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  • 13:59:53, 6 September

Yeah man, that's shitty. Farming karma with creative, witty comments, making friends on reddit, and actually tagging users with various funny sayings that you found hilarious, is irreplaceable.

Banning by voicing your opinion on life issues, to me, isn't a good reason. Being banned from biased subs with pro-feminism does make sense, but not all of the entire reddit.com website.

That's bullshit and crushing... I've had my account for almost two years. If they banned it, I think I'd probably just quit.

Sad but true story. My brother played an MMORPG for years, spent countless hours into playing it. I hated him playing it but it made him so happy to play his MMORPG. Who am I to deny someone happiness? Well, his character got banned, his 'masterpiece' if you will...

Though he was a better person not playing a MMO anymore, a piece of his soul was missing from that day forth...

I view a long-term reddit account in the same perspective.

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  • MichaelClaymore
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  • 23:33:16, 6 September

You forgot the /s