A Warning to all MRAs. (self.MensRights)


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Long story short. My name is Michael Claymore, you don't know who i am, but i'm sure most of you know my associate The Pigman. The Pigman's account has been banned, and this appears to apply to all of reddit, not just the mensrights sub. I see no reason why this should happen other than the Pigman's staunch support for men's rights. You have been warned -- the hammer may very well be about to fall on this entire sub or at least on its more outspoken members. Of course, this may all be due to some personal animus held against the Pigman by someone at the top, but i doubt it.

112 comments submitted at 09:29:05 on Sep 6, 2013 by MichaelClaymore

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  • sillymod
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  • 11:10:05, 6 September

Yes, I saw the shadowbanning, but I couldn't access your post history to try to determine what the reason was. You can appeal by talking to the admins.

Personally, I think that the admins should be required to give a reason for the shadowban in the case that someone appeals. But you can't even guarantee that.

EDIT: It has been determined that ThePigman was involved in a doxxing case. The admins are very clear about doxxing, and thus this is not a case of "political censorship". ThePigman willingly and knowingly broke the rules of Reddit.

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  • MichaelClaymore
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  • 11:25:56, 6 September

> You can appeal by talking to the admins.

Enough time has been wasted as it is, those guys are obviously feminists and making an appeal would merely give them wet panties. I just thought i would warn everyone that the Pigman may not be the last to get his account banned.

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  • avantvernacular
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  • 12:55:36, 6 September

I was shadowbanned once, appealed, and got unbanned. It could work.

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  • MichaelClaymore
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  • 13:03:44, 6 September

Can't be bothered.

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  • Moustachiod_T-Rex
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  • 13:26:00, 6 September

That's stupid. You can revel in your victimhood once you've gone to these basic reasonable steps to have your friend unbanned. I'll be happy to whack you off. But till then, you're being stupid.

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  • MichaelClaymore
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  • 13:35:46, 6 September

"I'll be happy to whack you off."

Don't waste my time, you perv. The ban was clearly political. Asking these turds to let the Pigman back in merely increases their joy at banning him. There's more to life than Reddit, this post was primarily a heads up, hence the otherwise inexplicable title "A Warning to All MRAs."


Get stuffed.

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  • sillymod
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  • 14:34:31, 6 September

> The ban was clearly political.

I am not certain about that.

One possibility is that you posted something that contained someone's real name. Someone who doesn't like you could have reported it to the admins, who would then shadowban you for doxxing. It could have been innocuous, though, since they often do a poor job of double checking these things.

Another possibility is that you posted to your own site too much, which would have labeled you as a spammer.

A third possibility is that you used multiple accounts to upvote the same post (especially if it was one of your own). That would have labeled you as a vote-gamer, which also warrants a shadowban.

None of those are political, though the first one would be an abuse of the system by a non-admin for political purposes.

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  • Mythandros
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  • 15:45:19, 6 September

Hey, there's no need for that kinda attitude here.

So you warned us, consider us dually warned.

Keep the negativity to yourself, okay? It really has no place here.

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  • SpncDgg
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  • 17:54:31, 6 September

Lol, he's a perv? I believe it was you talking about the admins getting wet panties? You are why is wrong in this sun. Using language like that and attacking feminists is a clear contradiction of what we are doing here. And you won't fight the ban? You eon't do anything? Take your false martyrdom and wallow in self pity elsewhere. Something could be done but you refuse to try....