Blue piller in /r/AskMen is worried that his wife is carrying another man's child (


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  • rHcKing
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  • 02:33:37, 23 August

I was looking at a particular user called thatstonerbitch commenting over and over that entire thread.

She was advocating not all women are like that, saying to trust, and that he's insecure, you know classic shaming stuff. So then I looked her up. And I present to you:

I'm not even going to comment on this, but whenever you see a woman giving advice this is the type of woman that gives advice.

Also she has half naked photos of herself over multiple sub reddits saying "she feels lonely". I'm sure her amazing new boyfriend doesn't mind.

No wonder she doesn't see anything wrong with the OP's wife going to miami with her slutty single friends.

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  • sandboarding
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  • 03:02:49, 23 August

I was amazed at how she considered him imposing limits and respect as something "disgusting".

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  • thatstonerbitch
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  • 03:05:20, 23 August

My boyfriend and I's sex life is none of your business. He doesnt mind, as he was the one who initiated it. And no, I don't see anything wrong with that, just as I wouldnt have a problem with my boyfriend going to vegas with his single friends.

Maybe after being in a very physically abusive relationship, it does make me physically sick to think a guy treating his partner like a dog thinks it's okay.

I never said I'm correct, only my opinion, as everyone else is giving theirs.