[TW: Meta, longish post] I'm afraid some people in this sub are missing the point and are crossing the line into genuine assholeness and misogyny/homophobia/anti-feminism etc. (self.TumblrInAction)


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This isn't a sub to hate on and ridicule feminism (because, yes, feminism is still a needed thing, even if not so much politically anymore, it's very needed socially. I see people on this sub making fun of reasonable feminists that are suggesting reasonable things and aren't trying to bring down men to prove their point). This isn't a sub to hate on the people that want body-positivity to be a thing (I see people making fun of people for being fat, when that person isn't saying stupid things like "BEING OBESE IS HEALTHY" and "Why should I try to not be 400 pounds??" or even mentioning anything about weight at all). This isn't a sub to hate on women with beards and men with pink hair (opinions are opinions but standard gender roles and stereotypes and expectations are restricting and often harmful). This definitely isn't a sub to accuse alleged rape victims of lying or exaggerating ("I bet she wasn't really raped, a shit-lord man was just probably staring at her chest") or wanting to earn oppression/victimization points (yes, people lie about these things sometimes, but more often than not it's the truth, and immediately taking on the tone of doubt and suspicion and accusation can really traumatize an actual victim out of trying to seek help again out of fear she'll always be accused of lying. And I know that if I was just raped and tried to tell somebody about it, I'd never try to get help again if I was immediately hounded with questions and statements like "how do I know you're not lying?" or "you're probably exaggerating and just regretted the consensual sex after it was over" instead of comforted. That being said, people who actually lie about being raped shouldn't get away with it and deserve some form of punishment). You are allowed to not find a particular look attractive, or to think it looks silly, but it's not okay to start a thread in which the purpose is to gather around and make fun of a person for how they look, if they are fine with their appearance and want to post a selfie with their rainbow colored hair and piercings-on-every-possible-place face and gut hanging out of their pants and My Little Pony sweater, let them. They're as allowed to do that as the thousands of conventionally attractive people that flood Tumblr are. You may say "if they have a right to post a picture I have a right to make fun of it". Yes, you do. But it's just following the rules of common courtesy to not do that. You shouldn't try to hurt people that aren't hurting others. That's not asking for much besides not being a dick to people because of how they look (isn't that something we're all taught pretty much the second we pop out of our moms?) And I just don't think that's the purpose of this subreddit.

Make fun of the people that think cis-men are literally Hitler rapists just for having a penis. Because that's actually ridiculous.

Make fun of the people that think white people need to constantly apologize just for being white. Because that's ridiculous.

Make fun of the person who is 350 pounds and gets offended when their doctor says that they have to lose weight because they'll fuckin die if they don't. Because that's ridiculous.

Make fun of the person who threatens to kill them self because their family wants to get them professional help because they think they're half wolf and goes outside to howl at the moon every time it's full. Because that's ridiculous.

Make fun of the people that are being immature and nonsensical and offended by everything they interact with. Not the people who are trying to make changes for women or POC of lgbtq people or other discriminated-against groups, because no matter what this sub may have you believe, oppression and discrimination are still very real things (unless they're being dicks about it, and being unnecessary assholes to men and white people and cis straight people, and other "privileged" people, then it's fair game). Don't make fun of the people who want to see people of various body types in magazines and general media. Not the vegans that aren't bothering anybody (I see more meat-eaters being jerks to vegans than the other way around). I can go on and on and on. I think you're getting my point though.

I really do enjoy this sub and I love seeing the posts of the frog-kins with 3 other frog-kin headmates that think all men should be castrated and all white people burned at the stake and etc. But it seems that normal activism has also been brought to this sub and is also being ridiculed, but that just isn't okay.

Thanks for readin'.

EDIT: A lot of the comments in this thread have a problem with my strong defense of feminism and intolerance of anti-feminists. I think I may be behind the times in what people are defining feminism as these days, but what I'm defining feminism as is the social progression of women and gender equality in general (and yeah if you're against that I'm gonna think you're a shit). If you wan't me to call it gender equality instead of feminism, fine, because that was my idea of it anyway. All my points still stand.

EDIT 2: Pretty much all of my comments in this thread have negative scores, instead of just downvoting what I consider to be pretty reasonable comments, why not tell my why you think I'm wrong?

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  • Klang_Klang
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  • 21:00:22, 13 February

Why are feminists always trying to lump in antifeminism with misogyny? There is some overlap, but no ideology is above questioning.

It comes across the same way as disagreeing with the government's foreign policy means you hate America.

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  • FreakishlyEerie
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  • 21:07:53, 13 February

If that's the only thing you took away from this post you're missing the point a little, I think. I guess I did mean anti-feminism more than i meant misogyny, though. Although anti-feminists as a rule generally have misogynistic viewpoints. But I didn't mean much by it, so I don't want to argue semantics.

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  • Klang_Klang
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  • 21:11:41, 13 February

Sorry if you feel I glossed over your post to comment on the headline, but we get these types of meta posts at least once a month from feminists who are happy to mock everyone but themselves.

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  • umbringer
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  • 21:15:27, 13 February

>Although anti-feminists as a rule generally have misogynistic viewpoints.

Oh come on.

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  • saint2e
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  • 21:48:48, 13 February

Yeah this is one of the places the OP goes off the rails.

The stereotypical "making fun of feminism == making fun of women == hating women == misogynistic".

They are not equivalent, and you'd be wise to refrain from making that assumption.

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  • FreakishlyEerie
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  • 21:24:41, 13 February

How isn't that true? I'd say that people who are against the progression of women would be pretty misogynistic. What do you say?

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  • Wylanderuk
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  • 22:33:07, 13 February

I have came to dispise feminism, I fully support equal rights.

Special pleading seems to be a core tennat of modern femisim and its chock a block full of bullshit stats.

You want to see who really hates females? Take a close look at feminisim...

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  • umbringer
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  • 21:38:38, 13 February

Your inference is that someone like myself, who doesn't blithely support one gender over another- somehow hates women.

>But I didn't mean much by it, so I don't want to argue semantics.


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  • FreakishlyEerie
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  • 22:38:54, 13 February

You can't say that gender equality is good but then not try to support a gender that is not considered equal, though. I just don't see how that makes sense. Either you want to raise the status of the lower gender or you don't agree with gender equality. And if you don't agree with gender equality then I wouldn't really say you love women either.

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  • umbringer
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  • 22:48:39, 13 February

Now you're really not making any damn sense.

>You can't say that gender equality is good but then not try to support a gender that is not considered equal, though.

Who considers this? You?

I don't have to prove shit to you, if you want to lump me in with women haters because I'm critical of feminism, so be it. I'm done discussing this with you. Keep drinking that kool-aid.

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  • a57782
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  • 22:51:56, 13 February

First, I think you missed the "over another" part.

You're still making the errant assumption that feminism is the only way to support women or women's equality. It isn't, it does not hold a monopoly on supporting gender equality. You're completely ignoring that you can, in fact, support gender equality while being an anti-feminist because you might believe that feminism promotes attitudes and policies that are not going to achieve gender equality.

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  • jostov
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  • 21:46:47, 13 February

Just because someone doesn't subscribe to the exact same school of thought doesn't make them a bigot. It makes them different. Stop hating difference. You bigot.

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  • FreakishlyEerie
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  • 22:40:07, 13 February

I can hate difference if that difference is not wanting women to be equal to men. I can't believe people are actually disagreeing with that. I didn't know being intolerant of intolerant people made me a bigot. Great thanks for letting me know.

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  • Braithyn
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  • 22:47:48, 13 February

You're a bigot because you said in your OP that anyone who disagrees with you is likely a misogynist. People don't like being randomly called misogynists with no supporting evidence provided.

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  • BillyT_TwoCans
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  • 22:48:42, 13 February

Are you still in high school?

All of your examples and your seeming lack of real world experience is pretty telling.

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  • Bhazor
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  • 22:34:26, 13 February

Found the feminist.