Be a sociopath—or just act like one (


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  • 20:01:13, 15 August

Better than a sociopath, be a psychopath.

It's one of the Dark Triad, and when you read the "conditions" most of them just seem like being really awesome is the same thing as being a psychopath.

From here:

Identifiers that the person around you is a psychopath are:

• The person lacks empathy [won't break frame]

• Makes self-serving moral choices [selfish, puts himself before others]

• Lies repeatedly and unnecessarily [this one is BS]

• Is a master manipulator [machiavellism]

• Deflects blame [As if this is a bad thing]

• Shows no remorse for their actions [won't break frame]

• Is two-faced [too vague, but can also count as "mysterious"]

• Ignores their responsibly to loved ones and everyone around them [you mean won't bend over backwards for others]

• Surrounds themselves with people who are useful to them [How terrible!]

• Superficially charming and feigning sincerity for others for popularity [Also, what a crime to be charming]

While to most those traits would seem bad, I added some notes to them to show why they're actually good things.

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  • SomeguySomeway
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  • 20:06:53, 15 August

All those children at school are psychopaths because they surround themselves with people who are useful to them.

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  • 20:09:22, 15 August

I'm sure it's trying to say that it's a bad thing because you're supposed to also surround yourself in people that can directly benefit from you. As if any successful person in life made that their strategy.

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  • SomeguySomeway
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  • 20:12:22, 15 August

If everyone surrounds themselves with people who are useful to them, useless people will be alone and everyone else will enjoy a symbiotic relationship.

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  • iseeyou1312
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  • 22:37:00, 15 August

> • Lies repeatedly and unnecessarily [this one is BS]

I incessantly lie to people. My thoughts/opinions are fairly heretical, and the average person plugged into the matrix isn't ready to hear them, thus it is a means of self preservation. It's also very amusing and is a fun way of testing/playing with them.