TIL That applying male underarm sweat to a females lips helps relax women, boost their mood and help regulate their menstral cycle (upenn.edu)


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  • evenmoreHITLARIOUS
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  • 18:18:01, 22 January

you've made r/ShitRedditSays upset :(

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  • slynnc
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  • 18:21:57, 22 January

Obviously. They had their sense of humor removed.

Edit: point proven.

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  • gregclouds
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  • 00:17:51, 23 January

Because rape is so fucking funny. Your sense of "humor" is shitty.

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  • slynnc
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  • 00:23:55, 23 January

Oh look, one came here.

I'm a rape victim. If everything bad that ever happened wasn't laughed about the world would be an ugly place. It's not like this guy said "I'm going to go hold a girl down and rape her". He said it jokingly about a book, a book that is ridiculous to say exists, hince it is funny.

My sense of humor is fine. I've learned that humor makes the shitty things in life a little more bearable. If I got butthurt every time someone mentioned rape my mind would be all fucked up. Laughing heals.

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  • Login__Or__Register
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  • 00:45:48, 23 January

Laughing heals . . you. It may not heal everyone and triggering someones memory or making them re-live it is not worth a few jokes on the internet. Also the jokes perpetuate the rape culture and the idea that it is funny, or the idea that it is common place to joke about. "butthurt" for you may be a serious problem for other people and you are implying that they are just whining about a little problem. Humor can make some things easier, but if you are going to make yourself feel a little better at the expense of others, there is a better way.

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  • slynnc
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  • 02:06:09, 23 January

Well, let me sensor my life for everyone else.

Oh wait. Wouldn't that mean they sensor their lack of humor to me?

Catch 22. To each their own.

Edit: it is not my fault you have a different sense of humor. If you do not find my jokes funny, that is okay. I may not find your jokes funny. That is also okay. It just means we are different, not bad. Tolerance. Learn it.

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  • Login__Or__Register
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  • 02:23:09, 23 January

"sensor their lack of humor to me"

Censorship is for obscene things and offensive things, not things that some people find uninteresting. Nobody sensors a talk show that is slow because it isn't funny. To each their own implies you keep it to yourself, that phrase sounds nice, but really can be used to justify almost any terrible actions. These jokes aren't to themselves, the are meant to be the 'so edgy' brand of humor that people spew. Do you think it is their fault that they are offended, or have bad reactions to rape jokes. No. So stop pinning it on them.

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  • slynnc
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  • 02:29:09, 23 January

When did SRS bleed their bs into elsewhere? Go home.

Humor is all relative. It isn't up to you what is funny to the rest of the world. It is all opinion. You have yours, I have mine, that's fine. As a RAPE VICTIM, I can still laugh at harmless jokes. Because they are harmless. It you cannot, that is okay, but don't attack me. Everyone is different. That's fine.

This isn't interesting or uninteresting. It is obscene. Fuck. It is obscene. It is offensive. That is fine. Some people find it funny and some don't. Move on. To each their own implies that some people find it funny and some don't. Point proven. I heal with humor. Some don't. Okay. Cool. To each their own, we are different, move on.

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  • austex_mike
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  • 07:57:18, 23 January

I appreciate your take on rape jokes as a rape victim. As someone who has been in jail I feel the same about prison rape jokes. You have to be able to laugh at the tough things in life sometimes. Thanks for standing up to that SRS bully.

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  • iheartbakon
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  • 05:13:45, 23 January


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  • PsyChuan
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  • 09:48:45, 23 January

That's beautiful.

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  • Grizzly_Front_End
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  • 03:32:47, 23 January

Go back to your hovel, you emasculated little stain of humanity.