[MOD POST] Regarding user harassment (self.hockey)


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MEGA EDIT: Holy shit, I hadn't even seen this thread yet when I made this modpost. That shit is even worse -- understand that if you participate in sexual harassment and other comments like what I'm seeing in there, you're getting banned. NO QUESTIONS ASKED.

Hiya /r/hockey ...

It has come to our attention (and we've been dealing with it for a while now) that some users are being harassed on /r/hockey

We have a code of conduct in /r/hockey that we enforce as strictly as we can.

Harassing a user falls under a few parts of our code of conduct that have been covered for eons and are not new additions to our rules, specifically, the very first one:

> The one foundation of /r/hockey, that governs all conduct issues, is preserving the quality of discussion for our membership. Excluding the more specific situations listed below, quality of discussion being degraded is a result of not respecting fellow /r/hockey subscribers. Treat others with respect, and the same will be afforded to you.

It also falls under this one:

> Obvious trolling is discouraged. The downvote system will handle most of these, but if you continue to be an obvious troll on /r/hockey, you will be banned.

User harassment is a serious issue. We've tried to deal with it by removing the harassing posts, but it persists.

Of course, I feel extra annoyed because I'm the author of Reddit Enhancement Suite, which is likely a tool being used in this harassment to tag certain users so as to keep bothering them every time their username shows up.

Understand this: It doesn't just have to be racist, sexist or homophobic to get you banned. Being disrespectful and attacking people in general is grounds for being banned, so don't be an asshole - it's not that hard.

We miss some stuff to be sure, because we can't possibly read every post/comment, so if you're being harassed please let us know.

In the two latest cases we're dealing with, it is a very clear cut situation.

In one, the person is not provoking anyone or doing ANYTHING wrong. People are, completely out of context, harassing him about a (silly and obviously non-literal) comment he made ages ago.

In the other, people are sexually harassing someone in a comments thread - the comments we're removing / banning people for are very, very black and white, e.g. "You shouldn't wear slutty leggings" [if you don't want to get groped at a hockey game]...

We feel the /r/hockey community is for the most part a very positive and awesome place for conversation about hockey at all levels, etc. However, the bigger it grows, the more work we have to do to keep it that way. If we see any systemic and clear-cut open/shut cases of harassment of our users, we're going to ban people. No questions asked, no warnings. You're gone.

If you have any questions or concerns about this policy, please feel free to ask. I'd like to pre-empt the major question which is likely "what constitutes harassment? isn't there a gray area? If I get cranky in a thread, might I be banned?"

Answer: No, you're not going to get banned for being cranky (usually). We understand we're emotional as hell about our game and sometimes we say stuff we regret. This isn't about someone replying "F you" in a thread (although that is something that doesn't contribute to discussion and we would STRONGLY prefer not to see it).. This post is being made about a VERY open and shut case/situation where any post this user makes in /r/hockey is followed up by totally out of context annoyance/nagging at that user.

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  • txgi355
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  • 18:44:40, 16 June

wait is this all about one user being harassed? or am i not reading to good? i am confused as balls

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  • honestbleeps
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  • 18:47:12, 16 June

the harassment of this user is the last straw, yes, but this user is the latest one, not the only one, to be systemically harassed by multiple people.

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  • txgi355
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  • 18:49:24, 16 June

ok thanks for the clarification. have those accounts been banned already?

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  • honestbleeps
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  • 18:50:30, 16 June

2 users have been banned. anyone else from this day forward who continues the harassment is getting banned.

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  • txgi355
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  • 18:55:42, 16 June

can you give an example of what the harassment was? was it just chirping or was it going and looking through comments for a year to find things to make fun of?

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  • honestbleeps
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  • 19:00:03, 16 June

the user posted a hyperbolic / humorous comment about "if [unlikely event occurs] I'll [do something crazy that would obviously not ACTUALLY happen especially considering it's a serious health risk]"...

since then, he has been followed around /r/hockey on every totally unrelated comment he makes and being "reminded" about it..

sure, for a day or two it might've been "funny", but it has been three weeks now and he's still receiving regular replies to basically every comment he posts on /r/hockey

in addition, SEVERAL threads were posted about it basically calling for harassing him - those threads and many of the comments have been removed by moderators.

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  • txgi355
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  • 19:07:37, 16 June

fuck really? people are still going on about that?

it was funny for about a week tops but now its just old.

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  • honestbleeps
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  • 19:08:39, 16 June

yes, they are.

it's not only disrespectful / harassing of the person - but it has essentially grown to the point that it begins to fall under the "no memes" category as well.

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  • txgi355
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  • 19:11:16, 16 June

yea that fits the definition of a meme. shit havent they herd of /r/hockeycirclejerk? thats the place for that horsefuckery.

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  • n0ts0much
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  • 18:52:59, 16 June

hey, how come sometimes you're green and sometimes blue?

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  • honestbleeps
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  • 18:54:26, 16 June

you loaded the page before I clicked "distinguish"... moderators aren't always green, only if they choose to distinguish their posts, which takes a second after you post :)

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  • n0ts0much
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  • 19:08:14, 16 June

oh. am i the 'baddy?' was it me? sometimes i don't know, i always think people are talking about me when they say "someone has been …"

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  • honestbleeps
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  • 19:16:45, 16 June

you know what? your guilty conscience betrays you. I didn't recognize your username, but now that I see you posted this comment - you're on a thin line with us.

For posterity, you said, in response to someone who was sexually harassed at a game:

> that sucks, …

> but since you bring it up, could we all review the evidence …

> > "my hips do not, in fact, lie"

> … for science. of course.

at best, you were a chauvinist pig in this comment. this is arguably sexual harassment and it's going to be discussed with the other moderators.

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  • n0ts0much
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  • 20:11:24, 16 June

oh brother. just kill me now. - i quoted her post directly, she's being braggadocios of her figure the whole post could be seen as attention whoring, who would know she was an attractive female if she hadn't told us in a post, not i /r/blackhawks where it would be at least a bit relevant irl, but in r/hockey? why was that op even allowed in /r/hockey? some drunken ass in public does something douche worthy. surprise? i'm middle aged and married, i don't grab anyone's but wife's and i'm here to discuss the finer points of the game and cheer for my team with other fans, not to indulge other people's hurt feeling. i feel bad she feels violated, and i've had conversations with her in r/hockey, but i don't know her from eve, i was in chicago once, 12 years ago, i have no connection to any of those events, and they have nothing to do with actual hockey. so, what exactly is 'sexual harassment'? words? speech? what influence do i have over someone else who has the power to literally "ignore" me on command. what about all the personal insults i weather? how does my post amount to anything significant? it's even on-topic! how does such nonsense even get considered in a free society in a community with the likes of r/gonewild/ that is some of the tamest shit you'll find on the internet. "racism, homophobic slurs and hate speech" to quote. how about bullying then? because that's what you're doing to me.

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  • thejosharms
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  • 20:17:34, 16 June

>how about bullying then? because that's what you're doing to me.

Don't try to play victim here, your original comment was full creeper mode and out of line.

If you're truly a married middle-aged man why are you asking some random chick on the internet for pics?

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  • honestbleeps
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  • 20:24:27, 16 June

> she's being braggadocios of her figure the whole post could be seen as attention whoring

how is this bragging about her figure? Did you actually read it? She wrote the following:

> You going out of your way to come around the railing that divided the otherwise empty stairwell would have set my alarm bells ringing even without you checking for yourself that my hips do not, in fact, lie.

She said nothing about her hips being nice, she made a (admittedly in my opinion silly) song reference, but said nothing about having a sexy figure... it was a bad joke at worst.

> why was that op even allowed in /r/hockey ?

Why shouldn't it be? It's about an event that occurred in a hockey game and it's about an issue that is still prevalent. In a time when the You Can Play Project is trying to discourage racism, homophobic slurs, etc - why shouldn't sexist behavior also be included in that list?

If you were truly uninterested in the post, you could've just:

1) ignored it

2) hidden it with 1 click of the mouse

Instead you chose to suggest she send "proof" that she's sexy.

> how about bullying then? because that's what you're doing to me.

I've told you that you've behaved inappropriately in my opinion, and that's it. If you equate that with bullying, then I think you're delusional.

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  • Thedangersandwich
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  • 00:37:48, 17 June

Dude I don't even go on here a ton but I see your shit you post with a million downvotes every time I'm here. You're making the B's look bad by association bro!