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And I hope it never happens to you. Because it's terrible and it never goes away. It's with you every day. It doesn't give you Lols or edgy joke material. It gives you cold sweats, and panic attacks and sometimes a desire to cut out pieces of your skin so you can get imaginary finger prints off your body and somehow get back to person you used to be. I don't wish that on you. Or anyone. So keep your ignorance.

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Virtually everyone here is being figurative. No one could look you in the eye and say "what you experienced was a joke," because it isn't. It's horrible. Don't take it as a dismissal of your experiences, because that's not what it is. It's figurative hyperbole, like "go get hit by a clown car" or "I hope you get hit by a UFO." Connecting it to your real experiences will only rehearse your memory and make enemies with people who aren't actually your enemy.

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FUCK YOU MRC. I can't believe you have the audacity to mansplain away rape trauma. You really are a terrible person, MRC is not simply a persona, YOU are a fucking awful person.

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CAPITAL LETTERS do not make your point and don't make you a good person. You didn't read anything I said, and so you can't object to it. IF YOU'RE GOING TO REPLY, actually quote words and say why they're wrong -- but I doubt you will.

The person in question read this as "this merits rape."

Virtually everyone here is saying he didn't actually think it "merits rape," because that is how figurative/insincere language works.

Pointing out that people can say things insincerely, a la "I hope Justin Bieber gets hit by a bus", is not "mansplaining someone wishing rape on someone else." It is telling you why someone cannot mean that.