PSA: A small group of users (30-40) are currently camping the new queue and downvoting anything that isn't a complaint about the rules into the negative. The admins are looking into it. In the mean time, please edit your preferences and blank out "don't show links with a score less than X". (self.atheism)


39 ups - 41 downs = 0 votes

If you're wondering where all of the actual content has gone, it's sitting in the new queue with negative karma. Memes, discussion, videos, jokes, articles, you name it. For every post that makes it in the negative, there are 20 that are buried beneath the threshold. A relatively small group of users (30-40) are voting down every single submission, and the only ones you are seeing on the front page are the few and far between that can cross that considerable hurdle. The first 10 votes a submission receives are extremely important (equivalent to the next 100), so if you're wondering why nothing is reaching /r/all, that's why.

For those of you who have been asking for an update:

  1. No changes are going to be made to the rules while this attack on the new queue is ongoing. There is no way to see what the true effect of the changes will be when everything is instantly being downvoted by the same group of users. It is extremely childish, and to those users, I would like to assure you, the mods have more patience than you do, and the admins are investigating the matter as I type this.

* The bot is removing all meta discussion for the time being, both negative and positive feedback. Meta discussion should be directed to /r/AtheismPolicy until we make an official announcement on the matter. /u/jij's feedback post was an informal poll, nothing more. The mod team will make an informed, rational decision after all options have been considered. If this upsets you terribly, I suggest you check out /r/atheismrebooted. * Death threats, doxing, racial slurs and other nastiness will get you banned. Spamming the same comment over and over will get you banned. Spamming the same thread over and over will get you banned. Cut it the fuck out. * You may notice that the mod list has grown considerably larger. Everyone who has been added so far has considerable moderator experience, and many of us mod other default subreddits as well, or have in the past. We realize that a lot of active members of the community are not represented yet, and that will soon change. Even if there are no rules except the reddit-wide rules, a default subreddit with over 2 million members needs to have a large moderation team. Legitimate posts need to be rescued from the spam filter. Mod mail needs to be answered in a prompt and courteous manner. Doxing, threats and other spam needs to be removed. There is a reason the admins were not happy with /u/skeen's utter lack of activity. At a bare minimum, the basic rules of reddit need to be enforced.

Above all, please have patience. Even if you disagree with the current rules, 30-40 users abusing the new queue and hiding legitimate content from the rest of the subreddit is not OK. The only thing the moderators are removing at the moment are meta posts, because subreddits like /r/circlejerk and /r/magicskyfairy were flooding the new queue with sarcastic "complaints," downvoting the legitimate posts and then laughing about it when they hit the front page.

TL;DR: A small group of users (~30-40) are abusing the new queue and committing vote manipulation by downvoting absolutely everything that isn't a complaint post. In response, the mods are removing all meta discussion (both positive and negative) until the attack subsides. The admins are looking into it, so it should be fixed eventually, but in the mean time, if you would like to help, please go into your reddit preferences and blank out the section labeled "don't show me sites with a score less than X". Then visit the /new queue and upvote actual content while downvoting spam. Thank you.

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  • kencabbit
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  • 13:50:17, 11 June

Can you put the updates in a new post with a title that better indicates "here there be updates!" ?

Edit: Also, thank you very much for this update, regardless. You've had drama in the past, but I've always thought you were good at the job. Any reservations I've had about you as a mod have been along the lines of the drama not being worth it.

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  • coprolite_hobbyist
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  • 13:38:34, 11 June

That's great and all, but you could you tell us who the fuck you are?

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  • keyserbjj
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  • 13:49:53, 11 June

He is one of our lovely new mods who thinks his vision for /r/atheism is more valid than the communities.

[–]syncretic2[S] 13 points 2 days ago

"Majority rule is not a good way to run a default subreddit."

"To be completely honest, this is literally the most excited I've been about being part of any moderation team thus far. I've created so many atheism-related subreddits to try and improve /r/atheism from the outside..."

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  • DeadGuyKai
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  • 13:42:05, 11 June

Most of the new mods are from /r/AdviceAnimals. Is he one of them?

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  • BannedfromRatheism
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  • 13:44:46, 11 June

Someone with the conviction that was lacking in the old moderation team.

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  • coprolite_hobbyist
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  • 13:45:48, 11 June

Who the fuck are you?

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  • BannedfromRatheism
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  • 13:47:03, 11 June

You're starting to sound paranoid.

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  • coprolite_hobbyist
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  • 13:51:35, 11 June

Again, who are you and why should I give a shit?

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  • jameskies
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  • 13:42:06, 11 June

This is nice and all, finally someone fucking saying something. Now answer the fucking questions in the fucking policy sub and tell us who the fuck you are.

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  • chaletbronco
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  • 13:50:13, 11 June

I assure you, no changes to the sentiments of /r/atheism user base will be made until the new mods are removed and rules reverted back to their original state.


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  • Springheeljac
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  • 13:36:53, 11 June

Interesting how you have time to post this, but no mods have the time to answer some fairly reasonable questions in r/atheismpolicy.

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  • Grakkus
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  • 13:51:15, 11 June

We held a vote. Rejecting the new policy won 2:1. The vote was supposed to be used as propaganda to help support the changes we made for you. Ignore the vote, it no longer serves our purpose.

Please go to another subreddit if you don't like our changes. You are no longer considered a true atheist.

Please keep complaints either in the single designated feedback post or in the designated subreddit /r/AtheismPolicy

Eventually you will be forgotten. Do not try and fight the system. This is not a democracy. We will pretend to listen as long as you post else where so we can easily ignore you.

Thank you comrades. We used to have only 2 Mods here, now we have 13, please stop using the upvotes to demonstrate what you want to see. We know what you want to see. We will tell you want you want to see. You do not know what you truly want. We know what is best for you.

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  • bokunosonzai
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  • 13:54:48, 11 June

Awesome tl;dr summary. Better than the original.

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  • gorammitMal
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  • 13:55:33, 11 June

I'm waiting for the image at the top to display a swastika.

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  • Izithel
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  • 13:38:25, 11 June

Down with those who stole /r/atheism from us.

I've already unsubscribed from this reddit and have no intention to resubscribe untill this reddit is restored to it's original state.

In the mean time /r/atheismrebooted is a good alternative.

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  • jizzmcskeet
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  • 13:49:48, 11 June

Or we could just think that articles on religious murders and constant reposts on some guy running for Lt. Gov. in Virginia sucks and should be downvoted.

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  • 13:35:19, 11 June


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  • Vidd
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  • 13:38:06, 11 June

>No changes are going to be made to the rules while this attack on the new queue is ongoing.

So you're saying posting passive-aggressive "parables" and thinly veiled analogies isn't going to bring the memes back?