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I'm twenty two years old. Over the course of seven months I've applied to over three thousand jobs. This has gotten me a total of four interviews none of which led to a job offer. Three of these four interviews were over a thousand miles away. I graduated from a good university in May of 2013 with a bachelor of science degree in biochemistry. The positions I'm applying for are usually lab tech positions, quality control, research, or otherwise related to chemistry/biology. I have no experience outside of school and I refuse to accept the standard of having to compete for the opportunity to participate in unpaid slave labor to get a job. I have no professional references and never knew my professors well enough to ask them to be one. I have a terrible GPA but no one I've interviewed has even asked about that or requested my transcripts. I'm essentially emotionally dead but can put on a good enough act for interviews. Despite these flaws it seems to me that surely someone would have hired me by now. It just doesn't seem possible for the job market to be this horrible and still have a functioning country. I'm not really expecting much from Reddit but I was hoping one of you could tell me something I don't already know that might help me get a job.

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  • dirtyratchet
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  • 17:25:02, 11 January

Hard truth time: because you're incredibly immature and You have nothing going for you at all besides a degree from a decent university, and every hiring manager knows that no GPA on transcript = shit grades. You marginally beat out a high school graduate with your qualifications. Everybody applying for these positions has a degree and you're the bottom of the barrel. You need something to make you more valuable. Stop being a fucking brat and get an internship. Or resign yourself to being a waiter. Your choice you entitled little prick. I busted my ass at a top 10 university, graduated with a 3.8, had an internship every single year I was in school and worked temp jobs for 6 months after I graduated till I got a full time offer. But that offer was my dream job and paid upwards of 75k after bonuses. Through out my time searching I never once blamed the world or the system. I blamed myself and took steps to better myself.

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  • noeatnosleep
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  • 17:56:08, 11 January

While I agree with your point, you don't get to say 'hard truth time' and then call names with immunity. You're perilously close to getting thrown in the spam bin.

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  • tradelaborformoney
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  • 17:57:25, 11 January

You don't know a god damn thing about me. Maybe I'm immature but at least I'm not a dick who kicks people when they're down and I think at my age I can be forgiven for a little bit of immaturity, but what's your excuse for being a dick?

Your 3.8 GPA is irrelevant unless you took the same courses as me at the same school. I could have chosen an easy major and gotten much better grades but I didn't. Quite frankly your 3.8 isn't even that impressive, think about all the people with perfect 4.0s running around.

Also what sort of fucking jobs do you think I'm trying to get? I'm desperately trying to get any sort of shit job just to get by here and you seem to think that I expected to walk into some six figure dream job after graduation.

You're a disgusting sack of shit who is so insecure you feel the need to put people down when they're already at their lowest.

Also what fucking year did you graduate? Because if you haven't noticed the worlds gone to shit in the last decade or so. It's really easy not to blame the world when everything's going great.

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  • dirtyratchet
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  • 18:29:40, 11 January

Haha I graduated in 2009 you little brat. With a degree in Econ. And went to work in banking. Aka the field that was experiencing the worst crisis in the last 50 years. The GPA means a hell of a lot and was good enough to be in the top 15% of my entire university so yeaa, I think I did just fine, I don't know what shit college you went to that has 4.0s running around everywhere but on average one kid in my entire school pulls that off in each graduating class, so I think that says even more about your shit GPA since it came from a school that hands out 4.0s.

I know all I need to know about you. You have absolutely nothing going for you. And you have 0 self awareness. I was the same fucking age as you when I did everything I did so that's just another bullshit excuse you're tryin to make for yourself. I'm being a dick because I'm telling you what you need to hear. Take some fucking responsibility for where you are in the world. Nothing about you is impressive and you're totally unwilling to take steps to improve your situation. Referring to internships as slave labor. Why the fuck didn't you intern during school? Why didn't you work in a lab? Why didn't you do more?? You're an entitled little prick who thinks you deserve a job just because you managed to bullshit through 4 years at a piece of shit university. In your comments you talk about a 1950s view of the economy, ya know what, in the 50s a degree alone would be enough. You're competing against other people who did way more than you. You don't seem to fuckin get it. The problem isn't everyone else. It's you. Have fun being a waiter. If you ever serve me I'll leave you a nice tip. Don't worry I can afford it.

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  • tradelaborformoney
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  • 18:36:57, 11 January

If your life is so great why are you so angry and shit posting all over reddit?

" I'm being a dick because I'm telling you what you need to hear" No you're being a dick because you have no other outlet for your ego.

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  • dirtyratchet
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  • 18:42:03, 11 January

Because it's Saturday afternoon and I'm not doing anything else? I had an extended job search and learned tons in the process. I don't sugar coat shit an try to protect feelings. I'm legitimately trying to help you but you're too immature to realize it. You're a man child. Honestly if you were trying to fill a job would you hire you?? If the alternate choice was someone who graduated with the same degree from the same level school but had over a 3.5 and worked one internship in a small lab? Unimpressive qualifications beat you out.