/r/politics moderator trying to censor corporate tax haven news: [removed] 18 Of America's Biggest (Nike, Microsoft, Apple) Using Tax Havens To Skirt $92 BILLION (reddit.com)


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So far, 1 response from 1 moderator. Politics apparently doesn't have high standards for new mod reading comprehension skills:

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> Please read the flair that was added to it "No ALL CAPS".

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Another literalist constitution judge of politics continues with their Supreme Court decision opinions:

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> Please understand when you are writing a headline and you used CAPS even on just one word you are emphasizing that world in your title which makes it editorialized. When you write acronyms like SOPA or PIPA then you are just using correct grammar when capitalizing all the letters. Feel free to resubmit your piece, but this time please follow the simple rules in the sidebar.

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This explanation makes sense to me. BILLION is an editorialization of the headline.

EDIT: Sorry that facts bother you so much.