The lesser talked about issue of Vagina size. (self.RedPillWomen)


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What I want to talk about is genital length, and why its important.

I scratched the surface of this in another post on theredpill but figured it was worth some more discussion with the redpill women. Please note I am not going to discuss width (diameter), because even the smallest adult vagina is capable of expanding to fit virtually the largest of penis' as far as girth is concerned, and it can be contracted via kegels to be tight around a small penis.

I know genital size isn't something that many people think of when talking about a successful relationship, but sex is one of the most important components of maintaining a relationship and that goes for both genders. And a successful sexual relationship means good sex where all parties are satisfied and happy with the sex. Here's what the media says about the importance of sex in a relationship:

>sexless marriage is a hopeless cause. For Emma N., it’s simple: being sexual is just part of her definition of a relationship. Celebrity psychologist Dr. Phil McGraw agrees, saying the loss of desire often has severe consequences for a marriage.

>For one man in France, those consequences were financial. He was ordered to pay $13,300 to his ex-wife after he withheld sex for years. That’s an unusual case, but it certainly demonstrates that a lack of intimacy can be emotionally damaging.

There's probably plenty of better sources for this but: --- A stable romantic relationship needs a solid foundation of good hearty sex for the relationship to succeed and both parties to find happiness in it. Let's look at the size component of sex.

There was a good scientific study done measuring vagina sizes here:

It turns out that the human vagina varies in size from person to person just as much as the penis does. And it isn't always related to height, it can be totally random, just like penis size.

  • On average the human vagina is 2.47 inches (62.77mm) long. During arousal the vagina increases in length approximately 2" to 4 inches, making the average aroused vagina length ~5.47 inches.
  • Vagina lengths vary from 1.61" to 3.74 inches (40.8mm to 95mm)
  • Add arousal expansion to the above lengths and you get 3.61" to 8.74" inches long during arousal (117.1mm to 222mm)

What does this mean? It means that the average human penis (5.45 inches) is the exact perfect size for the average vagina.

But are you average or are you deeper/shorter? And is your man longer or shorter than your depth?

I have been told first hand that when a man is incapable of fully inserting his penis, he receives less pleasure during sex. This has been verified by posters on /r/bigdickproblems and is a legitimate concern for many of the guys who are largely endowed.

Now just imagine if that man has a longer penis ranging above 7" to 10 inches, and your vagina is on the shallower end being only 3.61 inches in depth once aroused. This means that he will not ever be able to fully insert it because it will be stopped at your cervix and result in pain for both of you if he pushes against the cervix with much force. If your depth is insufficient for his length he will not ever be able to feel the pleasure of fully inserting himself into you, and if he has experienced that in the past he will likely know what he is missing out on sexually.

The conclusion is that penis length and vagina depth are two variables worth considering in a sexual relationship. I think we all know the pedestal that many people place a giant penis on, but as a woman it may be a good idea to measure yourself while aroused and realize that a man's pleasure will be limited if his penis is too long to fit into you. This is a case where bigger is not always better. For myself and just about all other humans sex is not entirely physical, there are psychological elements to it. For me one of those psychological elements is knowing that my man is enjoying it. So if you're a small-vagina gal that still leaves you with a few options when your otherwise perfect man has a penis that is just too long for your vagina.

  • There is always oral/anal if the guy is too long to fully fit into the vagina but that may require some uncomfortable distension... (see deep throating, etc)
  • Finding additional ways to please him may be something to look into. Creativeness, kink, etc. Sex is psychological for men as well and you may be able to rock his world that way.
  • Finding a man with a more compatible penis size.
  • Finding a largely-endowed man who is sexually inexperienced. Then he will never have felt any other vaginas to compare it to.

Just keep in mind that if length/depth is an issue in your sexual relationship that the man is very unlikely to bring it up as a problem/complaint, even if it bothers him. (come on, would we bring up a problem with his penis size? that would be a tough conversation to start) But if he is long-endowed and he does bring it up, take it very seriously because he is probably not being satisfied from the sex.

The reverse also implies. If you have a deep vagina and the guy is too short to satisfy, don't be afraid to speak up and try to work it out, or find a guy that is more compatible with your anatomy vs. being frustrated for the duration of the relationship. (if the guy is too short, sending him to this post might be the best way to let him know.. there are gals with short vaginas out there who would be better for him, same goes if the guy is so big that its painful... there are big vaginas out there)

TL;DR - As women we can be perfectly satisfied with taking half the length of a penis if that is all that will fit. A man however will not likely be satisfied with never being fully able to insert all of his manhood. Also, having the cervix banged against = painful.

Bonus: Why does the cervix hurt so much if its pounded during sex? And is it possible to go passed the cervix? Why is it dangerous to have it pounded too much?

>First off the cervix is at the end of the vaginal canal and is the gateway to the uterus [sorta NSFWish image link]. The cervical opening is known as the OS and it is very small being less than 2mm in diameter at all times; during a period it is at its largest (which is still under 2mm). A penis cannot fit into the cervix nor push past it, nor would it be safe as the uterus beyond is a normally ~sterile environment. The exterior of the cervix that connects to the vagina is made of hard tissue called the ectocervix and it does not stretch except for during childbirth or during a medical procedure to dilate the cervix. The ectocervix connects to the OS opening via a cell group called the Squamous Junction (AKA transformation zone). This junction is what is sensitive to pain and susceptible to bruising if it is hit with enough force. If enough bruising happens the resulting swelling can lead to infection due to mucus and other material being trapped within the OS.

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the obsession with cock size was fomented in the 70s to denigrate white men and promote miscegenation. also, it emanated from the newly vocal size queens of the increasingly visible gay community. it NEVER came from women. a penis only needs to be big ENOUGH

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> the obsession with cock size was fomented in the 70s to denigrate white men and promote miscegenation. also, it emanated from the newly vocal size queens of the increasingly visible gay community


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my own analysis, this isnt a dissertation commitee

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I'd actually like a source on this. I know plenty of women who are size queens, from my own analysis.

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you know women who SAY they are size queens, NOW after its been beaten into the culture

cf. women are herd animals

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