(X-Post from /r/theredpill) If I were to do a survey to confirm or deny some of the claims central to TRP, what questions would the survey need to answer? (self.RedPillWomen)


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This is not just an academic question. I am actually creating a survey to understand the current dynamic politically and socially between the genders. It is becoming much longer and much more detailed than I ever expected it to, because I am asking everything in a way where the survey taker cannot be lead to an answer and won't just choose a politically correct answer by default.

Don't worry about getting technical in how the questions should be phrased or so on. I merely want to know what data I would need to confirm or deny a specific claim of TRP. Thank you all in advance for your input.

Sincerely, a guy with a sociology degree that he's not used in years because he got a real job.

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  • danabanana9
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  • 18:06:11, 25 November

dont bother asking women because they will all lie.

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  • betafemanon
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  • 18:19:43, 25 November

Dana I think you've had traumatizing experiences with women

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  • danabanana9
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  • 18:21:59, 25 November

yes, thats because you think like a woman and "jealousy" or "bad personal experience" are the only ways you know how to explain the differing interior lives of others

i just experience women the way men would if they werent physically attracted to them or didnt feel protective of them because they displayed prettiness, cuteness and neoteny

and trust me, theyd hunt them for sport

my observation of the fact that women lie constantly about what attracts them to men has nothing to do with personal experience other than actually sitting there with them watching them lie like rugs, im not trying to fuck them

edit: by the way, you will notice that i have refrained from making too many personal observations about you. keep it up and i may just regale you with my opinion of your "experiences"

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  • Bakerofpie
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  • 18:34:37, 25 November

To me a "lie" is purposefully altering or otherwise hiding the truth. I don't think it's as common for women to outright lie as just think that what they want intellectually is what their primal selves want, which is rarely the same for women. I spent a lot of time trying to figure out what I wanted, but I couldn't until I had already found it. I think that I could answer questions pretty accurately now whereas my answers would not have been accurate before, but not due to real dishonesty.

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  • danabanana9
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  • 18:36:40, 25 November

i agree with you--"lie" is too harsh, thats why i ameliorated it with the observation that they dont tell the truth because it is covert even to them