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RPW is always telling women what to do to be a good girlfriend/wife, but rarely do we have a good example of what not to do. This is a very good example of how not to be.

A few days ago a submitter asked if she was supposed to be Super Woman and went on this big boyfriend bitchfest where she was the put upon martyred girlfriend. Then she posted another boyfriend bitchfest on another subreddit and then did it AGAIN on yet another subreddit.

Women, please don't say terrible things about your SO online or anywhere! You know what will happen if her boyfriend puts a ring on it? She will be badmouthing him to everyone she sees for the entirety of their relationship.

Here is where her boyfriend responds:

>This... I've been giving 200 for rent, 100ish in gas (from when I was driving you to work every morning for however long that was), and 300 in food for the time I've been living with you. Not counting gifts. This month of September I've dropped down to only 200 for rent and nothing else. I've acknowledged that I need to pay more, and offered to buy groceries already this month.

>I haven't seen you in anything other than sweatpants in over two weeks since I don't get home until 7. I've seen you in makeup maybe two times since we've been together.

>You claimed the lawn as your job because it's kind of like exercise.

>I can't cook for you because you don't like my slop and I don't have time or desire to learn how to properly cook.

>And like... We're not married. Why are you saying we're married? If you have something you want to work on with me, that's fine. Almost everything here is a complete fabrication, except the bathroom. I do hate cleaning bathrooms. In general I should clean more.

Dear boyfriend: RUN AWAY! She will never not badmouth you to EVERYONE!

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  • betafemanon
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  • 14:59:43, 11 September

This isn't our business. She said she is bipolar and we have no idea going on. It's wrong to pretend to be all high and mighty because of a few stupid reddit posts. it's mean that you purposefully pick out a reddit user on the Internet and put her down on this page. Even if she never sees this post, it's wrong.

We can talk all we want about how we're such good quality women, but if we go out and purposefully pick out unsuspecting people to target them and make a post mocking their personal lives so we can proclaim how she is such a bad person and a bad example is mean. It's cruel. And she has bipolar disorder. I've worked with bipolar people and its a miserable thing to have.

I don't care if I get down votes for saying this.

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  • danabanana9
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  • 15:04:53, 11 September

i think older people have a lot of trouble caring about these "diagnoses" because we remember a time when they barely existed and id bet dollars to donuts most of us think they are fake, overdiagnosed crutches people use as an excuse to not have to act civil and normal, or to render themselves immune to criticism

ive often wanted to started a therapy camp for the "depressed" and "bi polar" called "coal mining camp". you come live and work in my coal mine, youll mine coal 10-12 hours a day, eat what the mess hall serves, sleep in a bunkhouse and spend your pin money at the company store. lets see how much time the delicate flowers have to be depressed and bipolar then

when the idle victorian ladies pulled this crap it was called neurasthenia and the vapors. bored restless women are the pharmacoepia devil's playthings

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  • TempestTcup
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  • 15:14:01, 11 September

As well as the fact that it is just her word for it that she is bipolar. She might have self-diagnosed while crying over a broken fingernail.

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  • CapnSalty
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  • 22:17:49, 11 September

True. I feel like I have no time for the "major depression" that I was diagnosed with as a teen.

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  • margerym
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  • 00:42:28, 12 September

> bored restless women are the pharmacoepia devil's playthings

As someone with a diagnosis in this vein raised by a bipolar woman I have to shout an AMEN to that! We should chat about this one day, Dana. You have my email.

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  • danabanana9
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  • 01:13:52, 12 September

do i? PM it to me

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  • Elliegator
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  • 03:46:06, 3 October

I think it's really hurtful to dismiss real, recognised psychiatric conditions as 'fake' and 'overdiagnosed'. 1/5 people will experience major depression (as diagnosed by a psychiatrist) at some stage in their life, and if you've ever seen someone with bipolar disorder you'd realise it's not something they have control over or wish upon themselves. And it's certainly not something that you can fix by making yourself busy with other activities (such as your very harsh 'coal mining camp' idea).

These are disorders caused by improper physiological function of neurotransmitters in the brain. There isn't a lot you can do about them without psychiatric intervention and medication. They're not something you can just manage' without help. Surely as a RPW you would want to encourage women with these disorders to seek help so that they can get better and be a better woman and member of society!

Also, older people might think they 'barely existed' in the past, but the reality is that they did exist, they just weren't talked about, and in many cases sadly weren't diagnosed or treated well. And I wonder why they weren't talked about (and still often are not) - maybe it has something to do with the judgemental and archaic attitudes of people such as yourself. Please try to show some more empathy and understanding to help women (and men) like this improve and get better! All you're doing now is bringing them down, which doesn't seem very RPW to me!

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  • danabanana9
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  • 03:52:11, 3 October

i dont care about your feelings

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  • Elliegator
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  • 04:09:26, 3 October

I don't expect you to.

I've been reading RPW intermittently for a little while now, and I think some of the ideas in it are interesting and there are certainly elements and characteristics that I think about and do my best to apply in my relationship.

One such feminine characteristic that I thought was desirable in red pill ideology is being caring and kind, and it strikes me that on the topic of mental health a lot of women here don't seem to be. This struck me as strange. All I meant to point out in my post was that a psychiatric disorder is not something that you can easily control on your own, that they are real dysfunctions of the body (not just a general sadness or stressful time in one's life - though I acknowledge that sometimes individuals can self-diagnose or mislabel these feelings as depression) and that I thought a good woman would be more empathetic and caring towards other people who are unfortunate enough to suffer a mental health problem. Maybe I've misunderstood what RPW is all about, it's entirely possible, but until now I thought RPW would be supportive and caring towards others less fortunate than themselves through no fault of their own.

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  • danabanana9
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  • 12:48:00, 3 October

I like your response and I'm sorry I was excessively mean. Rpw is about cutting through a lot of the academic and feminist bullshit of modern times. Part of that bullshit, to me, are the abject lies of what Thomas szasz referred to as "the therapeutic state". I do believe some psychiatric illnesses ate real. But I think out of control bad character has been medicalized and that the wild overdiagnosis of mental illnesses is being used as a crutch and an excuse particularly among women for extreme bad behavior. There's a lot more but I just woke up