Friends HATE the changes I've made to my life (self.RedPillWomen)


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It's been less than a month since I started putting Red Pill changes into action in my home life. However, they've been going over very well. I've been working hard on myself and our relationship. The problem? My friends HATE the change. I'm not making the change for them, I'm making it for my fiance and I. However, they won't shut up. It's constant jabs and remarks about how I'm a 'Stepford Wife' and I need to 'take control' back. The remarks started out passive aggressive but in the last few days they've gotten straight out mean. What do I say to these women?

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  • danabanana9
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  • 16:50:20, 1 August

the overemphasis on 'friends" over family in our culture is destructive. you did not take a vow (or commit to taking a vow in the near future) to your friends. "friends" is a nebulous category with no meaning. they dont have your best interests at heart, they dont suffer the consequences of you actions and they have no vested interest in how your marriage succeeds or fails. cut them out of your life like the cancer they are

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  • considerfly
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  • 17:03:00, 1 August

You're right. I made these friends in university and am now working/getting married next year - they're going to grad school for liberal arts and sleeping around. I will need to find a way to make new friends with something going on in their life... will be lonely during the transition period but oh well.

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  • fuk_offe
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  • 03:19:46, 2 August

Get more hobbies! Gym or yoga classes. My mom got loads of friends from swimming lessons.