TRP and Redpill advice - What value does it offer women? (self.RedPillWomen)


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There is a lot more advice and established frameworks and guidelines for males than there is for females, so I tend to read those to extract out useful and relevant information on there that I find useful but it's not the same. I've realised redpill/trp advice for women who want to have a fullfilled and happy life/relationship amounts to 'be a good girl'. It is really passive advice - like stay there and be good. Don't do anything bad. It's advice that just makes me feel like prey.

What I don't see is the pay off from that. What value does being a good girl offer women? Well, it gives women the chance of a happy life, but it comes with a cost - decent behaviour and actions, and is all that preparation actually worth it?

So, what if you've spent all your life being a good girl, suitably raised to be a good wife for some lucky guy out there, and then instead of a good guy, you happen upon scum?

What use is it spending your entire life raised as a good girl, when in the end, you get played by a player?

and I think if you were brought up in a sheltered environment, you'd be more vulnerable to be exploited by guys, and I don't think an upbringing is adequate preparation against bad guys IRL.

So, I want to know, how can a girl actively protect herself from being played? How can a girl protect herself from guys who use TRP/red pill advice for immoral means?

Is there any more sites beneficial for women out there?

I only know this one that isn't already on the side bar:

Can we add that to the sidebar?

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the best way not to get played by players is not to shoot outside your league. i was always concerned with a mans looks so much that almost nothing else mattered to me, consequently i was excellent player bait. when you get played by a man and then he turns up married a few years later, you werent in his bracket.

i hate to always bring this up, but its SO illustrative of reality that it has t be hammered home. in sex and the city--the wealthy, handsome, older, successful Mr Big toys with carrie through her ENTIRE youth, even cropping up when she finally meets someone decent just to wreck that. she pushes him for commitment, he refuses. a few seasons in he turns up married to a beautiful, YOUNG woman of his social caste (a little discussed aspect of the big/carrie pairing). carrie is devastated and cant understand it.

women need to remember THIS--a man can toy with you for TEN YEARS of his 20s-early 30s, and if hes got the goods he can turn around at 32 and marry a fresh 23 year old, leaving you a 32 year old alpha widow. harsh but true