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Hitler gave Germany political peace. Then, again, he, as head of the Nazi Party and Brown Shirts, was one of the primary reasons Germany did not have political peace in the years before he became German Premier. The specialty of the Brown Shirts was violently breaking up leftist political rallies, which created a climate of political chaos that helped Hitler come to power. Once Hitler came to power and the Brown Shirts proved difficult for him to control, he had their leaders arrested and killed. Hitler then ensured the political peace by imprisoning Communists, socialists and other political opponents in "work" camps.

Hitler brought Germany out of the Great Depression. And, Germany, burdened under reparation payments and the loss of the Rhineland, both conditions of the Treaty of Versailles that ended WW1, suffered greatly during the Great Depression. Germans were often reduced to eating grass to ward off starvation. The German unemployment rate was 30 percent when Hitler came to power.

Hitler restored the Germany economy and brought the nation to full employment. Again, the question is how? Some things Hitler did were done by other countries. He practiced Keynesian economic theory, which is basically deficit spending to fund large public works projects and infuse capital into the economy. Thus, the Nazis continued work on the autobahns and other major building projects.

But, Hitler also instituted some draconian measures. Labor unions were formed and workers lost their right to strike -- labor organizers and strikers were sent to concentration camps. Also, workers were not able to free quit one job and seek a new job as they had to secure the permission of their previous employer before getting a new job.

Hitler also achieved his economic miracle by rebuilding the German military. He reoccupied the Rhine and increased the 100,000 man German Army in 1932 to over 2 million men by 1939. Prohibited by the Treaty of Versailles from having tanks, aircraft or heavy naval ships, Hitler immediately increased production of military equipment. By the time he invaded Poland Sept. 1, 1939, Hitler had 4,000 combat aircraft and 4,000 tanks. He also rebuilt his navy with battleships such as the Tirpitz and Bismarck, light cruisers and submarines -- all of which were forbidden under the Treaty of Versailles. In addition to the employment provided by arms production, Hitler took men out of the potential workforce by putting them in the Army.

Hitler also created opportunities for Germans by removing Jews from their jobs. The violence against Jews meant their stores and businesses were put out of business. Their jobs in factories and schools were vacated. As noted before, a lot of Hitler's "good" is fused with his true evil nature.

Hitler increased the size of the autobahn. But, the reasons were not particularly altruistic. The autobahn, like the later United States interstate system, is primarily designed for military use. The autobahns allow armies to transverse the nation quickly.

So, we are left with the Volkswagen, or People's Wagon. Designed by Hitler as the German equivalent to the Model T, it was meant to allow everyday Germans the chance of car ownership. So when you see a VW Bug chug by on the interstate, which were inspired by the autobahns, you see two of Hitler's major accomplishments still used today.

So whichever president achieve's the latter can be called Hitler too