Recently learned about the sex life of a militant feminist I know. Thought it was too priceless not to share with you all... (self.TheRedPill)


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Okay, so there's this chick I knew in high school, we'll call her E. She's about a 7 and way too irritating for most guys to stand, so she has had very few experiences with dating and romance. She's a die hard militant feminist - the Tumblr type who really cranks it up to 10 and is constantly barraging Facebook with shitty Salon articles about how boys should be taught not to rape, women are super objectified by the media, all that drivel.

Well, I got together with a bunch of friends this weekend, and she came along. And the first thing out of her mouth as soon as we were sitting at a table is some hardcore bragging about how she's hooking up with this guy, L.

L is, by the sounds of it, a total dark triad alpha. Basically unemployed except for odd jobs, major "bad boy" red flags, dominator in bed, a vast history of sexual experiences, etc. Basically, he just gets all the sex he wants from girls.

And here's the thing: he's in a totally open relationship with this girl M. And it's not the classic situation you'd normally expect where the woman takes cocks left and right while the poor beta male struggles to find other sexual encounters. No. This guy only goes for girls who are ugly enough (6-8 range, I don't think he has any 9's) such that HE's the one getting laid all over the place, and due to the mad preselection bonus that gives him, it's all an upwards spiral and these girls are all completely worshiping at his alter.

So even though L and M are "in a relationship," E is driving from Richmond, VA to Charlottesville, VA every friggin weekend. That's a full hour drive there and back, and she's still using her parents' minivan, so that's a shit ton of gas and road time just to take an alpha cock, which she has to share with God knows how many other women.

Anyway, I find this whole situation highly amusing. I mean, here we have a "death to all men" feminist giving a highly masculine alpha the kind of rabid fangirl love that I didn't even know was possible.

Kinda makes sense, though. It's like how you sort of expect the "God hates fags" redneck homophobes to be maybe a little bit secretly gay deep down. Same situation here. E is always loudly and obnoxiously preaching of the evils of masculinity, and yet here she is taking some hardcore masculinity up the cunt as often as she can get it.

I am eagerly awaiting the part where she falls madly in love with him (if she hasn't already), gets upset about all the other women, and tries to domesticate him into a stable boyfriend/provider figure. In doing so, he will either laugh and make her suck his dick, or kick her ass straight to the curb faster than you can say "NEXT."

Anyway, just thought you all needed to hear. I'll update if the story progresses; I will most assuredly be monitoring the situation closely.

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  • johnnight
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  • 01:35:50, 7 January

I said it before, feminists are like female Klingons. These loudmouths need someone like Worf to throw rocks at them to be able to get off. When they date an average beta, they dominate and peg him and hook up with undercover 40 yr cops on the side.

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  • 02:29:31, 7 January

And they're just as fucking ugly.

I don't see any difference between them

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Shit likes this makes me keep my weightlifting and diet. Saved for motivation.

Edit: I think I know some of these peeps.

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This is a reddit meetup actually. Iv seen the photos before. Only weird ass fuckwits showed up and they all kept making meme jokes and eventually all the girls were like LETS FLASH THE CAMERA. There was a whole post about it maybe 2.5 years ago when I first joined.

The one guy even showed up in cosplay. God. Its horrible. I think the one "normal" guy was in the comments and the one that posted the photos.

EDIT: Google fu tells me this is the 2011 Balitmore Reddit Meetup. It was a clusterfuck. I wasnt there but I saw the aftermath on the front page. Here is the rest of the album. Jesus.

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  • 04:51:20, 7 January

So those are all the SRS fags that keep downvoting me?


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Not even. They look much worse.

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You're just arguing with the empowered looking one on the far left.

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  • 03:46:12, 7 January

They look like some people I knew. Man, I "was" beta.

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Time to go for a jog.